Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 The Year to make your mark in E-Commerce

Good bye 2008...and Hello 2009! Today is the day we can all sit back and review the past year and look forward to the bright shiny new year. It is also the time to make "resolutions" ...goals for what you hope to do or not do in the coming year. I too have my list of resolutions and I think you will find them useful to anyone who is trying to make it in the e-commerce world.

1. Streamline my Venue
I want to reduce down the items in my Bonanzle Booth to just music, biker items and Sci-Fi /fantasy items. This is going to take a little time, but by listing more and more vinyl records, patches, and Star Trek/Star Wars things, The item numbers will grow and I can cut the prices on the items that must go! With the vinyl records and biker patches...I have found my niche. Now in order to do this, it brings me to ....

2. Expanding to other venues
Many people say you must sell on more than one venue. Now I have tried this in the past, and success is limited. I think thats becuase I have a bad habit of throwing myself into one site and neglecting the others. So I now am going to really explore what will be best for the Renagade. Not sure how I will handle it, whether I open another booth, or try out someplace new. Any suggestions? I will probably use it for all the things that don't fit into the Renagade's booth niche of Records, and such...which I will be pushing and that leads me to ....

3. Promote More!
Promotion is a very big key in trying to sell online. Will be trying to get the Renagade name out there more....without bugging the heck out of people! Which goes hand and hand with.....

4. Practice the 3 foot rule!
OK...this can be bugging people! The 3 foot rule is ANYONE who comes within 3 feet will KNOW I sell online and my name is Renagade! Word of mouth is the biggest advertisement of all and NO ONE can sell your things like YOU! Now this rule can be applied online too....which leads me to .....

5. Listen to what the Veterans of e-commerce say!
In and earlier posting I wrote about four great shows on the talkShoe network, Brainstorming Bonanzle, The Auctionwally Show, ebayandbeyond and Agents of Revenue. You really need to catch a live show and join in! How does the 3foot rule apply? Well call in! Ask questions and be sure to tell them you sell at _____!! If you are to chicken, they also have a live chat where you can throw you urls out and chat with others about what you sell!
The BEST part is you will LEARN so much from them! Walt, Mitzi, Dave, Scott and John are true pros! And that my friends is Number.....

6. Give Credit Where Credit is Due!
If the item is crafted by someone else...say so! If you are blogging or chatting in a forum and you post an idea that someone else told you about...say so! Give them the credit for it! You not only get a thanks for the may even gain a friend.....

Well this is long enough... I DO want to give credit to Bill Harding, Mark Dorsey and Bonanzle's Team for such a fine selling platform, to Dede aka Brighest Blessings for keeping me calm on more than one occasion, and to Auctionwally, Mitzi, Cliff aka thingsandotherstuff, Scott, John and Dave for teaching me so much in such a short time!

Love to all and Happy New Year!....Now What are YOUR Resolutions????

Later.........Next year........Renagade

Friday, December 26, 2008

TalkShoe Radio My picks for eCommerce Shows

Powered by TalkShoe

As the year is winding down, I am thinking forward to the New Year and to what good things will come in 2009. One of the things I vow to do is to listen to my favorites at TalkShoe more! If you haven't discovered TalkShoe yet, you are in for a treat! Great online talk radio with many knowledgable people covering all sorts of topics. And the best part is it is FREE!
Thanks to my joining the great online selling venue of Bonanzle, I have discovered many good shows to catch on TalkShoe covering the world of e-commerce. Here is a list of my favorites...and you can hear them right here on this blog by clicking the buttons to the show on the right hand side of this page. I hope you will check them out, and join in a live show or two!

Brainstorming Bonanzle
On Monday nights at 8pm est Hosted by Auctionwally and Vintagegoodness. A show to help sellers on get the most out of their booth, but the tips are great for where ever you sell! Come and check out the reason is the fastest growing eBay Alternative on line today! You can also read the archived chatroom chatter at

eBay & Beyond
On Saturday Mornings at 10am est. Hosted by eBay and Beyond. A show for any one who selling online, no matter what the venue! Come join in this will learn alot, no matter how long you have been selling online!

Agents of Revenue eCommerce Radio
Wednesdays 1:14 pm est Hosted by Agents of Revenue. An eCommerce talk radio for the savvy seller online. If you got a business, want a business or are launching your venture this is the show for you!

The Auctionwally Show
Monday Nights 9pm est Hosted by Auctionwally and Vintagegoodness. Anything and everything you need to know about antiques, vintage items, collectibles. Come and hear what these experts have to say...they truly know their stuff!

I sincerely hope to see you at one or all of these fine shows. I know you will not only enjoy them...but you will definately pick up a tip or two!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Open Letter To the Boys Of Vulcraft of Fort Payne

I would like to tell you today about my "Day Job". I am a Vending attendant. Not a very glamorous position, no, but it helps pay the bills. The name of the company that signs my checks is irrelevant, but the company I run the break room for is not. I run the break room for Vulcraft of Ft. Payne, Alabama. I basically feed, water and break up food fights (LOL) for some of the hardest working, roughest steelworkers around. And these guys are the BEST group of guys going. Every year, for the past 11 years, they have all chipped in to say thanks and help my Christmas be a little brighter. And I have always written a little Christmas letter and posted it on the board. I wish I could do more for each and every one of them, For they truly are a great group. This year, I wish to share the letter with you. Although it is full of little "inside" jokes and memories that only the Vulcraft boys would know, I think it will give you a little insight to just how special they are and how much I value their friendship.....
Thanks Boys....I love you all and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas To My Boys
Another year has gone by…and it was a year to be remembered as a year of “Change”. Change in Presidents, change in policies, true…but BOY have we had our share of “change” here at Vulcraft!
Change of Faces
We said good bye to many here this year. Paw Paw Peoples left us…but no fear…..Pat is the new Daddy of the group!
We said a tearful good bye to “Red”…who left us for a better place…..this world is not the same without him.
We saw the face of my company change too. And we all know how THAT has changed things here!
And just this week we witnessed Pee Wee change into Willie!
Change of Jobs
Some of Maintenance saw there job description change from Maintenance to Exterminator! Thanks A Million guys!
I saw My job change from cleaning out crumbs to removing rubber snakes from the microwaves! (I BET it was Big Macs!)
Other Noteworthy Changes
I saw my Freezer change from empty to full Thanks to one here that kindly brought me a deer one night!
Another night recently went from, How will I get everything done AND cook supper? To Here’s a pizza…enjoy your evening! Thanks Guys! It was a break I needed!
BUT Some things NEVER change….
And that is the love and admiration I have for Each and everyone of you. Many of you (Carl, Mike, Mac, Gene, Etc, Etc, Etc,) Have so often allowed me to rant, rave and vent when I had to…keeping me sane. (OK maybe not completely sane…) And as you all have done for 11years now, you have gone over and above to help my Christmas be a special one. You all have no idea How much I appreciate it and how proud I am to say…I run the Breakroom at Vulcraft for the BEST group of guys anywhere!
PS….One MORE thing NEVER Changes…..Jimmy Dale is ..well….. STILL Jimmy Dale!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Musician's Friend ...a Role Model For Customer Service!

Musicians Friend..... Anyone who is a musician, a DJ, or just like to have the best in audio equipment has heard of them. They carry everything from the most professional grade amps and speakers down to guitar picks and drumsticks. If it is music related, you can find it here.

Now what I want to tell you about is along with the great product line, Musician's Friend offers THE most top of the line Customer Support Team I have ever dealt with.

We had ordered from them many times, and have contacted them with everything from simple questions to heart stopping problems, and everytime they have reponded quickly, professionally, and,..... living up to the name of Musician's Friend,...... like a friend.

I must tell you about the last last set of calls made to their customer support team. We had ordered a set of peavey PA speakers along with stands and other equipment, and like they always do, they sent the tracking number and link to UPS. We noted the delivery date and when that day came was surprised to find out that UPS delivered them while we where not at home. Very much surprised, since the boxes where not at my house! After contacting UPS, and while waiting for them to call back, we called Musician's Friends customer service. They not only sprung into action immediately to start a tracer, they reassured us that it was insured and if the shipment was lost they would reship the entire order within seven days.
Well to make a VERY long story short, the shipment was found, UPS delivered to the wrong house. The UPS driver was able to get the equipment, but the neighbors who recieved the boxes had opened them, threw out the boxes and thought they had themselves a good set of Peaveys for nothing. Musician's Friend said not to worry, would still stand behind what we bought.
We contacted them three times that night, and each time their Customer support team was professional but more importantly.... they genuinely CARED! They went over and above to let us know they where there for us.
A special Thanks goes out to Walt(?) , John, and Raymond who where working the phones on Dec 10th . They could not have done a better job! They are all top of the line and set a fine example in what customer support is all about.
After that night, we we never buy from any other company BUT Musician's Friend. Their name says it all, and they are truly our friends now.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stuck for Ideas This Christmas? Try!!

The Christmas countdown is fast ticking down, and I bet you have a few on your list that you are just fretting over what to get them. Well maybe Bonanzle can help!
Bonanzle claims your can "find everything but the ordinary" and man!, that is so true! Let's take a look at some sellers I can personaaly say are good sellers and see what the out of the ordinary things they have.....

First up is a wonderful Southern Belle who goes by Coocoolady . Coocoolady has just the gift you need for the one on your list who owns and loves their birds. Whether they own a budgie or and African Grey, Coocoolady has unique handmade toys that will delight the birds and the owners too! What better way to say I thought hard about what to get you than giving them something for there fine feathered friend! All of her designs are tested by her own "flock" of 12 different birds!

Do you have someone on your list who is into Dungeons & Dragons? Well stop by and see Frodomicheal . He has a great collection of D&D books and other itmes that will make any fan go nuts! Some really nice Leather bound ones and vintage ones too!

Now if you are trying to buy for a vintage movie know the ones from the Classic Age of films......that can be difficult, since they tend to already have a bunch! How about getting them something unique featuring there favorite star? Check out Cliff at things-and-other-stuff . Cliff has some beautiful memorabila sure to please the fan of this golden era of film. Many photos, some are signed, along with vintage magazines and other items featuring the likes of John Wayne, Mary Pickford, and Clark Gable. All true collectibles that will have them going "Man!...where did you find this!" ...and I have to tell you Cliff ready knows his field!

Another good booth for Autographed things is Screaming From The Gallery . Whppdhubby has over 1000 items to choose from! Many really rare pieces!

Trying to find somwething for a Wiccan? You have got to see Brightest Blessings . She has some of the most beautiful book of Shadows that she creates herself. Many other Wiccan items too. I am sure to can find that unique gift that will thrill your Wiccan friend there!

For some truly unique hand crafted goods, go see Pieper . From Quilted Wall hangings to Mata Ortiz can not go wrong here! Pieper has a wide varitey, you are sure to find something here!

Have a Jewish friend on your list? Well visit Mitzi's Attic. Mellcomm has some cute Jewish items and a great selection of other things too...including some wonderful clocks!

Now, how about something truly different! ..... Do you have a friend that has an item in their home that they have always wondered...." what it that thing worth?" Well go and talk to Auctionwally . Tell him you would like to give someone a gift of an appraisal from someone who truly knows his stuff! Now THAT is a unique gift! And trust me when I say, Wally is a true pro!

Now this is a very, very short list of Bonanzle booths that have some unique items. You really need to come and check out the entire site...for you and really find "everything but the ordinary" there!
And if you stop by any of these booths...tell them Renagade sent you!


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bonanzle on TV - Fox News - You Tube !!!

Boy, Bonanzle is fast becoming a household word. Just in the last few weeks, Bonanzle has been featured on A Seattle news segment on King 5 , And wonderful spot with one of our own, AuctionWally, (Auctioneer, Collectible Specialist, and YES!, a Bonanzler!)- on Fox out of Boston.

Bonanzle has seen the number of new users soar to 11175 as of this posting! I must thank the stations for doing such a great job on the spots, and a special thanks to Auction Wally , who not only made sure to bring Bonanzle into that segment, but hosts the Talk Shoe show on Monday nights, Brainstorming Bonanzle! Lots of fun and wonderful info for any online seller!

Now, bonanzle is also making a hit on You Tube! A couple of sellers Becky and Oshun Spirit, have posted some GREAT videos on Bonanzle there, along with Bill Harding, the "Daddy" of Bonanzle, who shows you just how easy it is to list an item!

Be sure to check them all out, and actually SEE what is causing the stir!

Oh, And when you get through , visit my Booth, having a GREAT "BONANZA" today! Bonanza is the word for SALE!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Night Before Bonanza - a Christmas-y Poem for Bonanzle!

I just wanted to share this.... It was written by one of Bonanzles great sellers BHWM owner of Bargain Hunters Web Mall .
Great job here BHWM...and really need to check out their booth...great stuff can be found here! Just follow the links to some great booths and super bargains!

The Night Before Bonanza
In the tune of The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore or Henry Livingston
Rearranged by Bargain Hunters Web Mall

'Twas the night before Bonanza, when all through the posts
Not a Bonanzler was stirring, not even a ghost;
The listings were hung in the booth with care,
In hopes that St. Robot soon would be there;
The products were nestled all snug in their sheds,
While visions of peanuts danced in their heads;
And Mark in his 'kerchief, and Bill in his cap,
Had just settled down for a long winter's nap,
When out on the server there arose such a clatter,
Bill sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the computer room Bill flew like a flash,
Tore open the windows(Microsoft) and threw up the cache.
The moon on the breast of the new Bonanzle grass,
Gave the lustre of mid-day to traffic surpassed,
When, what to Bills' wondering eyes should appear,
But a singing robot, and Bonanzles' marketeers,
With a little blue driver, so friendly and chatterbot,
Bill knew in a moment it must be St. Robot.
More rapid than buy it now his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and sang, and called them by name;"Now, Razmear! now, Pieper! now, Renagade and Atttheboutique!
On, Jamiro! on Rykar! on, Deco and cgamerantiques!
To the top of the search! to the chat room grand wall!
Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!"
As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with a customer, with something to buy,
So up to the my Bonanzle page transactions yahoo,
With the checkout cart full, and St. Robot too.
And then, in a twinkling, Bill heard on the servers
The Buyers and sellers doing the happy dance, they weren't just observers.
As Bill drew in his hand, and was turning around,
Over the world wide web, the fees, they came in with a bound.
St. Robot pops up with a wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave Bill and Mark the know they had nothing to dread;
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the merchant accounts; then turned with a jerk,
And laying his finger aside of his blue nose,
And giving a nod, up the electronics he rose;
He sprang to his page, to his Bonanzlers gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But Bill and Mark heard him exclaim, ere they flew out of sight,
"Happy Bonanza to all, and to all a grand-life"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? How about Bonanzle Sunday!

Ah!! Black Friday Shopping is here! Loads of deals, sure...but also it means crowds, sometimes rude people, long lines, chaos. Ok, I admit, I go and love every minute of it! I love the chaos, the bargains, and get a laugh at the people going nuts for that Hot Deal! But its not for everyone!

Then there is Cyber Monday....the official kick off to the shopping season online! Tons of deals....but on a slow dial up it can be fruitless and down right torture! But for you lucky ones with the highspeed, Cyber Monday is what you live for!

But what do you do in between Friday and Monday? How about Bonanzle Sunday! In other entries on this blog you will read about Bonanzle, The new kid on the block that is the fastest growing marketplace online today, now boasting over 10,000 users of this great site.
Now the sellers there are geared up, ready to go for their first Christmas Shopping season with some awesome deals. Sales vary from booth to booth anywhere from Free Shipping to up to 50% off and more! And the items for sale are everything from the basic to the exotic, you can't believe the selection.
Below is just SOME of the sellers that have made the commitment to run some great deals for you....and they arent waiting for Sunday...not even Friday! Some are starting their deals NOW and some are offering it till Christmas!
So if you Cant find what you want in the mall, or would love to get something that is unique, or just want a good deal, visit the sellers below....

I wish I had the time to tell you alittle about each one...but as you can see the list is long....and hey, I got to get cracking myself on Christmas! Come join me, and forget "shopping" and start "Bonanzling"!!

See you there! Later...........Renagade

Oh Yeah! Be sure to stop by and see me on Sunday! 30% off Bonanza going on! WOW!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas is Coming! A Good Time To Check Out Bonanzle!

Next week is Thanksgiving....time for family and freinds to gather together , give thanks for all their blessings, feast on Turkey, Stuffing and the infamous Green Bean Casserole. It is also the day alot of you will realize...MAN! Christmas is a month away and I haven't done ANY shopping!
For some with large Families, Thanksgiving can be the day that you Draw names for gift giving. You may get that one family member that NO ONE wants to know the one... they have EVERYTHING, or never is pleased with their gift, or just is hard to buy for do to the things they like is out of the ordinary. Well don't go Bonakers running from store to store trying to find something...Go BONANZLE instead!
Bonanzle is the site you can "Find Everything but the Ordinary". With over 2000 sellers and over 345,000 items (as of this blog entry) I bet you will find just the perfect gift for all! (Even that hard-to buy-for picky Aunt Mary or Uncle George!!) Let's take a look at some of the Great things you can find.

Jewelry? For a young girl, teen or woman its a safe bet. And yes you can find it everywhere! But how about something unique? Try visiting Steve at
Got a teen that LOVES her Belly rings?? Check out the great sets From Dede at
Also check out the High Quality items at great LOW prices at

Got someone into Scents? Candles, taking long baths in scented water etc?? For great candles try me the named says it all...her scented candles are WICKED GOOD!
For the Spa lover..check out So many great products to choose from , many are Tachyon Charged.
Lotions, soaps etc. How about some handmade soaps? Check out
For a Unique about Soap and lotion made from Goats Milk?? Check out

Got someone who loves the sea?? You have GOT to Visit

Video Games?? try

Someone having a Baby?? How about a Diaper Cake! Check out Sure to be a hit!

Got someone that LOVES his Ballcaps?? Check out Wonderful Selection!

Record Collector?? Theres a hard one! (yeah Right!) Try or ( can get record Backed up on CD or Cassette here!)

Sportcards?? Check out for them and more!!

Nothing special in mind?? Stumped for ideas...well check out , , , ,
Just to name a FEW!!!!

And Please check out my booth for some great collectibles, Records, and Biker items at

You Can go and type in anything you are looking for and find some great bargains from some of the top sellers online. Don't go bonkers running from store to store...stay at home and GO BONANZLE! this year!


PS...I have GOT to mention this booth here too..... you have GOT to see the goodies here! And YES there are at a fabulous discount price!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Auctionwally Interviews Bill Harding Of

This past Monday, Oct 27,2008, Auctionwally had a special hour and a half interview on Blogtalk radio with Bill Harding, the CEO of It was very informative, with Bill explaining all the strong points of Bonanzle and just what makes this such a great site. Auctionwally took questions directly from the sellers on Bonanzle and put them to Bill, I must say the questions were good thoughtful questions and Bill did such a good job answering each one. There also was a nice sprinkle of the lighter questions too...such as "What is the Ghost's name" and "has any marrige proposals come off the site?"
Many of the sellers gathered in the chat room commenting on the answers, posting new questions and ejoying the show together. Wallys cohost Mitzi was superb at keeping the whole night fun and running smooth. They also took a couple of calls from some of the sellers, like Cindy of tree411 booth, who was a delight to listen to.
I could go on and on about the great job Auction Wally and Mitzi did....but it is something you really must hear for yourself, Got to Auctionwallys site for the complete transcript, show notes, and link to listen to the show.
Trust me...this is one you have GOT to hear!
Thank you was a great show...and so much fun!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

OK..I have to RANT!!

This is a rant!! Had a yard Sale yesterday ...trying to reduce down clutter and raise some much needed cash. First of all it was to be a two day event. Of course it rained all day Friday... Saturday started off with my DH letting me sleep in...not a bad thing but this was not the day I needed to sleep till 6am! Hustled about and got things set up..tent and all. Daughter, son in law and two of the grandbabies came and set up as well. Then the wind picked up....blew so bad it blew over the tent....along with my table of breakables! Lost about 10 things due to breakage! Not to mention it was a slow yard sale over all. Less than $80 . Gave my take of about $7 to the middle grandaughter for her school fund raiser. (She is her class princess and the princesses have to raise $$ for the school...some "honor" eh?)) Had fun over all with the family but...
THEN I get online at Bonanzle and find out one of my shipments got damaged. Luckly the customer is a seller and understood, but still I refunded her her money and lost out there too!
Boy many more weekends like this and I'll go broke for sure!
Lessons Learned:
1. DONT set up a tent in the slightest me that wind is only going to blow harder...
2. DON'T wish for you kid or grandkid to be super popular at school!...She will only become class princess and have to raise cash for the school with hopes of being high fund raiser and becoming the Grade Princess! (dont EVEN want to know what THAT means!)
3. MOST IMPORTANT ...IF you sell online or ship anything anywhere...GET INSURANCE!!!
I got away from insurance since eBay....On eBay I always offer it as an option and havent thought about it...
From here on out...ALL of my items WILL be insured!! Lesson learned!!

Now won't yoou come on over and check out what I have left??? Could use the good break! LOL ....Later......Renagade htpp://

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bonanzle..Unique Items on a Uniquely Different Site

What Is Bonanzle? is an unique site what some of the most unique items online today. Launched in June of 2008, this simplistic site, whos motto is "relentess simplicity" is showing the world that simple really is best. As of this date they boast over 178,000 items and 4300 plus users and the lists just keep growing! That much growth in just 4 months is just truly amazing.

What Is Their Secret?

I contribute the success to several things.

  1. Again...Simplicity. With a clean, easy to use interface it is seen as a refreshing change to the flashy, all the bells and whistles of some of the other sites.

  2. Active, hands on owners. The team at Bonanzle, headed by the founder Bill Harding along with Mark Dorsey, are in the site seems like 24/7, constantly updating, personally answering questions and emails, and constantly promoting the site.

  3. Wonderful Sellers. The sellers on Bonanzle are working in overdrive. Through their Grassroots efforts they are putting Bonanzle onto the cybermap. They BELIEVE in the site and it is showing.

  4. Unique Items last month they decided the "niche" thet the site was headed for. "Find Everything But The Ordinary" became the tagline and the sellers again responded. Today you can find everything from a Chicken Dinner (yes a Real dinner!), Vintage Pong Game 1970's to an anitique Roper Gas Stove, Vintage Skunk Fur Wrap, and Wolfschmidt Vodka Egg Shaped shot glasses. Oh Yeah and an old Basketball too!

  5. The Name......How catchy is it! Bonanzle!

Clean, Fresh, and growing fast....I highly recommend you come on over and check out the site that is Everything BUT Ordinary! Bonanzle!

eBay & Beyond: Basics To Business 10-11-08 with

Learn about eBay alternative Bonanzle. Great introduction to Bonanzle. Interview starts at about the 53rd minute and goes on for about 45 minutes. About Bonanzle Straight from one of the "Bonanzle Boys"!

read more digg story

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I may not Blog much...But boy do I squidoo!

What is Squidoo?? Well it IS kinda like a blog, but I feel it can be better! is a place where you can write an article (called a lens) on ANYTHING you want. And the great thing about it is you can earn a little cash doing this!
First sign up for squidoo. You can do that here

Then you can create your lens...the wizard there will help you get started. Some of the tips I found to make things easier to create your lens and make your lens more attractive are:

  1. Pick a GOOD title! Something that will catch the readers attention
  2. Use Pictures. A picture says a thousand makes lens more appealling
  3. Use the ADD MODULES tab. There you will find some really cool things to add to your lens.
  4. You can break up the lens into smaller text modules. That way you don't seem rambling.
  5. add the rss module and put your rss feed there (great for sellers!)
  6. Add a link plexo module...for people to add there urls to thier lenses, website, etc
  7. Dont be afraid to add anything!! You can always edit or delete it
  8. Use the preview lens tab in the add modules section!! You can easily move modules up, down or delete there
  9. Experiment and have fun!
  10. Be sure to join groups there!! You get more visitors.
  11. Visit other lenses and leave comments. Invite others to your lens
  12. two abosolutely GREAT sites to use are and Once you get your lens done!

My Lenses are mostly about the websites I have shops on and the items I sell there. You can even view some of my items that are for sale. My list of lenese is as followed:
LP Records
Watch out eBay...Here Comes Blujay
Artisan Jewelry and the Meaning of the stones
Shopping Online? How To Find What You Want!
Blujay Verus eCrater...Two great marketplaces go head to head
Renagades Favorites On
Probidz...for the best in online shopping
World's Longest Yard Sale
eBay? So Yesterday!....Today it's Bonanzle!
Bonanzle and Atomic Mall...Watch them Grow

And I Have a Group :Bonanzle....Come Join The fun!

Come on Over!! Read one or read all and you will be saying I WANT TO SQUIDOO TOO

See you there! Later.......Renagade

Monday, September 29, 2008


Welcome!! I am NOT a blogger, so bear with me through this. I promise to get better as time goes on!

first let me introduce myself....I am the Renagade and I sell online. Been at it for about a year now, and although it is tough at times, I have a ball at it! I deal mostly in vinyl records and biker items with a mixture of some crazy odds and ends in between. at the moment I am on three as Renagades Relics, as Renagade and Atomic as Renagades 45. I hope you will come and visit, explore each site...not only my store/booth, but the others there are well.

Well Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon!

More to come!

Later.........The Renagade