Saturday, June 11, 2011

Renagade is now a wolf - Re- branding

With Renagades Music I offer branding for musicians.  Well now it is time for some Re-Branding of the Renagade.

 For years I have flown the eagle and loved it.  He has gained me recognition and helped me establish myself in the eCommerce world.  But in the last couple of years, I have started a DJ Service called 2Wolves DJ Service, Branded in with 2 howling wolves.  Wanting to somehow join the two brands, something had to go, so the eagle is set free. The new Logo is still one that shows the "Renagade" in me.  And being a wolf, brings the two companies more together as a brand.

Branding is important in the world of online sales.  Your logo, your color schemes, your name should reflect you and your product line. All three show blend together, creating an image before the customer sees the product.  For example, calling yourself Mama, using a pic of  baby booties on a baby blue color scheme creates the image of baby items.  Imagine your surprise to discover that the seller deals in car parts.  Since I deal mostly in music, a howling wolf is fitting, their song to me is one of the most musical nature offers.

Re-branding is tough, you have to work to get it back to where people recognize you, and you also have to run all over to change the logo at spots where you promote.  Not to mention changing business cards, etc.

Re-Branding is a good way to shake things up a bit, but I recommend you do it rarely and stick with it, change it everywhere you go.  And make sure the picture and scheme fit you .