Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Auctionwally Interviews Bill Harding Of

This past Monday, Oct 27,2008, Auctionwally had a special hour and a half interview on Blogtalk radio with Bill Harding, the CEO of It was very informative, with Bill explaining all the strong points of Bonanzle and just what makes this such a great site. Auctionwally took questions directly from the sellers on Bonanzle and put them to Bill, I must say the questions were good thoughtful questions and Bill did such a good job answering each one. There also was a nice sprinkle of the lighter questions too...such as "What is the Ghost's name" and "has any marrige proposals come off the site?"
Many of the sellers gathered in the chat room commenting on the answers, posting new questions and ejoying the show together. Wallys cohost Mitzi was superb at keeping the whole night fun and running smooth. They also took a couple of calls from some of the sellers, like Cindy of tree411 booth, who was a delight to listen to.
I could go on and on about the great job Auction Wally and Mitzi did....but it is something you really must hear for yourself, Got to Auctionwallys site for the complete transcript, show notes, and link to listen to the show.
Trust me...this is one you have GOT to hear!
Thank you was a great show...and so much fun!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

OK..I have to RANT!!

This is a rant!! Had a yard Sale yesterday ...trying to reduce down clutter and raise some much needed cash. First of all it was to be a two day event. Of course it rained all day Friday... Saturday started off with my DH letting me sleep in...not a bad thing but this was not the day I needed to sleep till 6am! Hustled about and got things set up..tent and all. Daughter, son in law and two of the grandbabies came and set up as well. Then the wind picked up....blew so bad it blew over the tent....along with my table of breakables! Lost about 10 things due to breakage! Not to mention it was a slow yard sale over all. Less than $80 . Gave my take of about $7 to the middle grandaughter for her school fund raiser. (She is her class princess and the princesses have to raise $$ for the school...some "honor" eh?)) Had fun over all with the family but...
THEN I get online at Bonanzle and find out one of my shipments got damaged. Luckly the customer is a seller and understood, but still I refunded her her money and lost out there too!
Boy many more weekends like this and I'll go broke for sure!
Lessons Learned:
1. DONT set up a tent in the slightest me that wind is only going to blow harder...
2. DON'T wish for you kid or grandkid to be super popular at school!...She will only become class princess and have to raise cash for the school with hopes of being high fund raiser and becoming the Grade Princess! (dont EVEN want to know what THAT means!)
3. MOST IMPORTANT ...IF you sell online or ship anything anywhere...GET INSURANCE!!!
I got away from insurance since eBay....On eBay I always offer it as an option and havent thought about it...
From here on out...ALL of my items WILL be insured!! Lesson learned!!

Now won't yoou come on over and check out what I have left??? Could use the good break! LOL ....Later......Renagade htpp://

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bonanzle..Unique Items on a Uniquely Different Site

What Is Bonanzle? is an unique site what some of the most unique items online today. Launched in June of 2008, this simplistic site, whos motto is "relentess simplicity" is showing the world that simple really is best. As of this date they boast over 178,000 items and 4300 plus users and the lists just keep growing! That much growth in just 4 months is just truly amazing.

What Is Their Secret?

I contribute the success to several things.

  1. Again...Simplicity. With a clean, easy to use interface it is seen as a refreshing change to the flashy, all the bells and whistles of some of the other sites.

  2. Active, hands on owners. The team at Bonanzle, headed by the founder Bill Harding along with Mark Dorsey, are in the site seems like 24/7, constantly updating, personally answering questions and emails, and constantly promoting the site.

  3. Wonderful Sellers. The sellers on Bonanzle are working in overdrive. Through their Grassroots efforts they are putting Bonanzle onto the cybermap. They BELIEVE in the site and it is showing.

  4. Unique Items last month they decided the "niche" thet the site was headed for. "Find Everything But The Ordinary" became the tagline and the sellers again responded. Today you can find everything from a Chicken Dinner (yes a Real dinner!), Vintage Pong Game 1970's to an anitique Roper Gas Stove, Vintage Skunk Fur Wrap, and Wolfschmidt Vodka Egg Shaped shot glasses. Oh Yeah and an old Basketball too!

  5. The Name......How catchy is it! Bonanzle!

Clean, Fresh, and growing fast....I highly recommend you come on over and check out the site that is Everything BUT Ordinary! Bonanzle!

eBay & Beyond: Basics To Business 10-11-08 with

Learn about eBay alternative Bonanzle. Great introduction to Bonanzle. Interview starts at about the 53rd minute and goes on for about 45 minutes. About Bonanzle Straight from one of the "Bonanzle Boys"!

read more digg story

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I may not Blog much...But boy do I squidoo!

What is Squidoo?? Well it IS kinda like a blog, but I feel it can be better! is a place where you can write an article (called a lens) on ANYTHING you want. And the great thing about it is you can earn a little cash doing this!
First sign up for squidoo. You can do that here

Then you can create your lens...the wizard there will help you get started. Some of the tips I found to make things easier to create your lens and make your lens more attractive are:

  1. Pick a GOOD title! Something that will catch the readers attention
  2. Use Pictures. A picture says a thousand makes lens more appealling
  3. Use the ADD MODULES tab. There you will find some really cool things to add to your lens.
  4. You can break up the lens into smaller text modules. That way you don't seem rambling.
  5. add the rss module and put your rss feed there (great for sellers!)
  6. Add a link plexo module...for people to add there urls to thier lenses, website, etc
  7. Dont be afraid to add anything!! You can always edit or delete it
  8. Use the preview lens tab in the add modules section!! You can easily move modules up, down or delete there
  9. Experiment and have fun!
  10. Be sure to join groups there!! You get more visitors.
  11. Visit other lenses and leave comments. Invite others to your lens
  12. two abosolutely GREAT sites to use are and Once you get your lens done!

My Lenses are mostly about the websites I have shops on and the items I sell there. You can even view some of my items that are for sale. My list of lenese is as followed:
LP Records
Watch out eBay...Here Comes Blujay
Artisan Jewelry and the Meaning of the stones
Shopping Online? How To Find What You Want!
Blujay Verus eCrater...Two great marketplaces go head to head
Renagades Favorites On
Probidz...for the best in online shopping
World's Longest Yard Sale
eBay? So Yesterday!....Today it's Bonanzle!
Bonanzle and Atomic Mall...Watch them Grow

And I Have a Group :Bonanzle....Come Join The fun!

Come on Over!! Read one or read all and you will be saying I WANT TO SQUIDOO TOO

See you there! Later.......Renagade