Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bonanzle..Unique Items on a Uniquely Different Site

What Is Bonanzle? is an unique site what some of the most unique items online today. Launched in June of 2008, this simplistic site, whos motto is "relentess simplicity" is showing the world that simple really is best. As of this date they boast over 178,000 items and 4300 plus users and the lists just keep growing! That much growth in just 4 months is just truly amazing.

What Is Their Secret?

I contribute the success to several things.

  1. Again...Simplicity. With a clean, easy to use interface it is seen as a refreshing change to the flashy, all the bells and whistles of some of the other sites.

  2. Active, hands on owners. The team at Bonanzle, headed by the founder Bill Harding along with Mark Dorsey, are in the site seems like 24/7, constantly updating, personally answering questions and emails, and constantly promoting the site.

  3. Wonderful Sellers. The sellers on Bonanzle are working in overdrive. Through their Grassroots efforts they are putting Bonanzle onto the cybermap. They BELIEVE in the site and it is showing.

  4. Unique Items last month they decided the "niche" thet the site was headed for. "Find Everything But The Ordinary" became the tagline and the sellers again responded. Today you can find everything from a Chicken Dinner (yes a Real dinner!), Vintage Pong Game 1970's to an anitique Roper Gas Stove, Vintage Skunk Fur Wrap, and Wolfschmidt Vodka Egg Shaped shot glasses. Oh Yeah and an old Basketball too!

  5. The Name......How catchy is it! Bonanzle!

Clean, Fresh, and growing fast....I highly recommend you come on over and check out the site that is Everything BUT Ordinary! Bonanzle!

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