Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Selling Circus Rocks

This past Monday night I had the honor to be a guest on the Podcast "The Selling Circus". When I say "Honor" I mean that in every sense of the word, for like the title says, this show rocks! I was not able to be in the chat and on the phone at the same time due to a dial up (yes they DO still exist) connection and no cellphone (Yes, there are some people who still do not have one). I was not able to view the questions and chat until it was posted. I noted there was a lot of interest in the Examiner and where and how I network. I hope I can clear up some of that here.
I got started on the Examiner when Walt aka Auctionwally put out the call for more writers. The idea of being able to write for such a site interested me, so I applied. It is a great opportunity anyone who enjoys writing. Does it pay? Yes, but not a whole lot, but they do pay better than other sites of this type. And they are always looking for good writers. You must be able to summit 3 to 4 articles a week and not sound like a blog. Read my blogs here then go to my Examiner site and read there, you will see a difference in style. The Examiner is a good way to get yourself "out there" and I find it to be very rewarding. If you think you are up to the task, please us me, Susan Leak , Walt Kolenda, Cliff Aliperti, or any of the Examiners you know as a referral , that will help you get you toe in the door.
Now networking is something many of you already know about, but if you are like me, you really want to know what works for who. I am on MySpace twice, one for RenagadesRelics and one for 2Wolves and Facebook, and they are more "social" sites than work. Some people have found them to really fit their business, but for me, with the exception of MySpace 2Wolves, it has been mainly a way to hook up with other sellers.
Linkedin I have found to be very beneficial for my Examiner writing and my business. I have made some awesome connections there, mainly from joining some of the wonderful groups there. In the groups, you will find people from newbies to old hat pros, and the discussions are very informative. The trick with a site like Linkedin is to be professional always. Kat Barton mentioned another site I just now looked at this site, and it looks to be amazing as well. Will be setting up on this one too.
Of course, in my networking, I have joined some sites that are geared toward music or the platforms I sell on, but haven't found must time to devote to them. I do however use Twitter alot.
Twitter is a networking dream. Sure, follow your friends, but branch out and follow others that share something that interests you. How do you pick followers or people to follow? If someone I know recommends one to me, I, MOST of the time , will follow them. I gathered people to follow by watching who is tweeting with whom, and what was being said. If someone is spammy by only promoting, or over promoting, or "potty mouthed", I have and will unfollow. I have found the TweetDeck to be a valuable tool. Roger of booksbelow recommends another tool similar called Seesmic , Which I haven't tried yet, but will. If you plan on using Twitter effectively, I recommend using one of them. To find followers of your interest, check out Mr. Tweet and Check out this article on Mashable on Local Twitter covering 9 different ways to find tweeters near you. If you are new to Twitter, follow some friends, watch how they engage, and develop your own style. To keep the list of followers clean and useful, try as, Phaedra recommended, to clean out the dead weight.
If you are on any of these sites, look me up. Find what works for you and your business, and use it. And for more great information on networking , be sure to tune into the podcasts! Wally and Phaedra's Selling Circus, Dave White's Basics to Business, Kat, Mel, and Beth on The River The Ranch and The Bay, and the King of Social Media, colderICE, John Lawson, Wednesday114, Just to name a few. Guaranteed to find me there! (Where do you think I learned most of this stuff anyway?)
I want to thank you ALL for being there to support me. I also want to thank Justin Crisler of the Alabama Blues Brothers and Rick the madbaldscotsman that also tuned in. You guys rock!
Later.........With More........Renagade

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pay it forward, and get a bargain in the deal

If you are an antique lover, bargain hunter, or a fan of good music, keep reading. As some of you may know, I also write for the as the Birmingham music examiner. Through this venture, I have come to know Justin and Jamie Crisler aka The Alabama Blues Brothers. They have put a call out for a little help, and I am more than happy to step up to this plate.
Their Dad, Billy Crisler has an antique shop in a Western Alabama town called Town Creek, namely: CRISLER ROAD ANTIQUES AND GIFTS . Now Dad and Mom planned on selling out someday and retiring, but some severe health problems of Billy's is pushing this plan around. So they are having a huge one day sale this coming Saturday. Here is the details posted on Facebook :
"For all of you that do not know our Dad, Billy Crisler, he had an unexpected amputation of his right leg today in Huntsville due to a severe infection. He is retired from Champion Papers and for the last few years runs an Antique and Gift shop in Town Creek, his life long passion.Dad and Mom were in the middle of retiring to the River in Tennessee and were getting ready to sell off the store and all it's contents to finally relax.With this setback, and slight disability, the move will certainly be delayed for a short time. We, his three children, are wanting to help as many of you have asked to do also. Many times you really don't know what to do for someone, but we are going to give you the opportunity. Dad has always taught us to pay it forward and be good to people and we want to do that for him now...ONE DAY ONLY SALE at CRISLER ROAD ANTIQUES AND GIFTS JULY 11, 2009. If you can simply come by and sign the get well card and shop for just a minute, your purchase of even an ink pen or a nice oak table and chairs would go directly to Dad and help at least clear some of the items from the store.PLEASE SPREAD TO AS MANY OF YOUR FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE. "
This is not only a way to help out someone in need, but it is an opportunity for some great bargains, good food, music, and you will get to meet two really cool guys, Justin and Jamie.
If you are in the area, PLEASE stop in and say hello and see what great items you can find. It is time to "Pay it forward".