Monday, July 6, 2009

Pay it forward, and get a bargain in the deal

If you are an antique lover, bargain hunter, or a fan of good music, keep reading. As some of you may know, I also write for the as the Birmingham music examiner. Through this venture, I have come to know Justin and Jamie Crisler aka The Alabama Blues Brothers. They have put a call out for a little help, and I am more than happy to step up to this plate.
Their Dad, Billy Crisler has an antique shop in a Western Alabama town called Town Creek, namely: CRISLER ROAD ANTIQUES AND GIFTS . Now Dad and Mom planned on selling out someday and retiring, but some severe health problems of Billy's is pushing this plan around. So they are having a huge one day sale this coming Saturday. Here is the details posted on Facebook :
"For all of you that do not know our Dad, Billy Crisler, he had an unexpected amputation of his right leg today in Huntsville due to a severe infection. He is retired from Champion Papers and for the last few years runs an Antique and Gift shop in Town Creek, his life long passion.Dad and Mom were in the middle of retiring to the River in Tennessee and were getting ready to sell off the store and all it's contents to finally relax.With this setback, and slight disability, the move will certainly be delayed for a short time. We, his three children, are wanting to help as many of you have asked to do also. Many times you really don't know what to do for someone, but we are going to give you the opportunity. Dad has always taught us to pay it forward and be good to people and we want to do that for him now...ONE DAY ONLY SALE at CRISLER ROAD ANTIQUES AND GIFTS JULY 11, 2009. If you can simply come by and sign the get well card and shop for just a minute, your purchase of even an ink pen or a nice oak table and chairs would go directly to Dad and help at least clear some of the items from the store.PLEASE SPREAD TO AS MANY OF YOUR FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE. "
This is not only a way to help out someone in need, but it is an opportunity for some great bargains, good food, music, and you will get to meet two really cool guys, Justin and Jamie.
If you are in the area, PLEASE stop in and say hello and see what great items you can find. It is time to "Pay it forward".


Beth Cherkowsky said...

My car won't make it AL (jeez... my car is an antique and could go in their shop!) but there's a neat little thing called a "chip-in". You just need a paypal account (or they do) and then you go to and set it up and all YOUR friends, like me, can blog and tweet it the world over and folks could chip in. Unfortunately paypal will take fees but still - 50 cents is better than no sense. And if they don't want charity, they could just sing a song about how wonderful you are for starting this for their folks back home. !
Let me know if they do the chip in. I can't get to Alabama but even us ex-south philly girls know how to tweet. LOL!

Renee Khan said...

Now you are smart.

I was reading these posts and I really don't know anything about computers. Like I have never searched google for my name or heard of Bonanzle.

How things can change for a person in a day, having a leg amputated.

Renee xoxo