Who IS Renagade?

Many people know me as Renagade, 'Ren', and recognize the Eagle logo.  But who IS behind that Eagle?

I am Susan.  Between myself and my hubby Steve, we have four grown children and seven Grandchildren.

A transplant from Boston, I now reside in Alabama.... So yes, I am a 'Damn Yankee'

As PR consultant and a dealer of music on several sites including my own at Renagades Relics, and DJ with the 2Wolves DJ & Karaoke Service, Music truly is "my passion, my life and my business".

I maintain two blogs, this one and Renagades Music,  sharing what I have learned, and often my opinion of things. Comments are welcome, but slander and spam is not tolerated.  I may not always agree with what you say, but will viciously defend your right to say it.

A Staunch supporter of our Military, Harley enthusiast, music lover, marksman.  To sum it up:
God, Guns, Harleys, and Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues

I AM  Renagade