Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Need Help on Bonanzle? Call on a Southern Belle

I start off every day reading my emails, news articles and blog posts. One of my favorites is The Red Ink Diary. Today I was hit with "Do Webinars Have Value?" as the title. I groaned, for I KNEW before reading this, what and who it was all about. When I opened it, I was right.
There is a seller on Bonanzle who started doing webinars. She has been a 'go to' person on Bonanzle from the start of the site, and has always gone out of her way to help. Well this simple act of helping people has blossomed and has taken her to places one can only dream of.

Back before the podcast "The Selling Circus" became the Selling Circus, it was "Brainstorming Bonanzle". The host, Walt Kolenda aka AuctionWally, was in need of a co-host, and saw the value that this little southern belle had in her. He signed her on as his co-host, and with this double dose of expertise, the podcast for just Bonanzle grew into the Selling Circus, covering all venues and eCommerce.
Since then this little Louisiana Lady is like a Ragin Cajun in the eCommerce world. She has been called upon by the River, The Ranch and The Bay, eBay and Beyond, Wednesday 114 for input on Bonanzle. She has interviewed some true 'heavyweights' like Jay Berkowitz, Jake Becker, and Bill Harding . She has had Cindy Shebley contact her for her input on bonanzle.

With all this, it has become difficult for this little powerhouse to keep up with the increasing cries for help. So she did what any other savvy business woman would do, she set up webinars, and a website, 'Learn To Sell On Bonanzle' to market this knowledge.

Now it seems some people do not realize the value of someones time. Time IS money. And when your main business, like hers is creating your product, time becomes even more valuable. Some are questioning the value of an webinar, since it is just someones knowledge and there time. Why pay for one, when you can get the information for free most of the time? Well Henrietta, the author of the Red Ink Diary, said it best:
'The simple answer is the potential buyer determines the value of the product offered to them.' (read more)

Does a Webinar have value? Yes they do. But ONLY if the person giving it is knowledgeable on the subject and engaging enough to make the class informative, enjoyable, and precise. I feel that this sweet gal does just that.

Who is she? Some know her as 'attheboutique' some know her as 'Phaedra' .
I proudly call her my friend. Good luck in your latest venture. Go and show the Nay Sayer's just what the little southern belle is all about.

Phaedra is pictured above with none other than Randy K Smythe "Merchant Evangelist" for Buy.com

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bonanzle's Bonanza rule changes, who knew?

Bonanza! The term is used on bonanzle.com to tell everyone you are running a short special sale. This sale can come complete with special flashing lights and music if the seller so desires, and your booth and items are put on the special Bonanza list to make it easier for people to find. This can be a fun sale for all. The sellers are in their booths or at least on the site, ready to answer any questions, and the customers can find some great bargains.
But, some sellers haven't been using this tool effectively, only putting a small number of items on sale, or only offering a small discount, and making a Bonanza seem more like a Bon-scam-za. And I have seen these same sellers complain and slam Bonanzle for their Bonanza sale not raking in the sales.

So, the boyz of Bonanzle decided to set a limit on the discount rate. no more mini Bonanzas of 5% off. They are saying you must offer at least 15%. And boy, have they caused an uproar over this.
Bonanzle has always took pride in allowing the sellers to run their own business as the sellers saw fit. Which is a good concept, if you are dealing with "professional" sellers who are working hard to grow their business. But, unfortunately Bonanzle, like eBay, Esty, etc, not only have the "pros" but they also have some people who sell just don't take their business seriously. So for the sake of Bonanzle's business, rules get set.

Now like it or not, it is their site, and they have the right to run it as they see fit. Just like you have the right to list on whatever site you see as the best one for you. Although I don't always agree with any sites decisions and changes, I always try to see them from their view point. What I do NOT agree with here on this decision is the fact they did this without ANY warning, announcement ahead of the game. And to add to the confusion, it is NOWHERE on the site that sites the discount must be 15%. Matter of fact, 10% is used in their instructions "Two Minute Guide To setting up a Bonanza" .Come on boyz! That IS poor business practice! You have newsletters, press releases, your blogs, your forums, and Twitter to spread this word, yet not only did you fail to do so, you are misleading in the site "How To's" . I know you are busy, but, if you fail to communicate changes that affect YOUR customer base, ie, the sellers, all you will do is cause, for the lack of a better word, 'Drama'. And the one thing I know you all strive for is minimal Drama.

Will an announcement ahead of time, ruffle some feathers? Sure it will, but at least you will have time to smooth some of those feathers down.

I don't know who dropped the ball on this one, but I am hoping to see that change without notice never happens again.


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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Go Google! You can try your own "Google Store" now!

Google Store? Thats an interesting thought! Google now has a widget you can post on any website and create your own Google store. Easy set up but you must use Google Docs spreadsheet. That is not hard for most that already use Excel or Open Office to upload and track inventory. It is in Beta ...and alittle buggy ...(had could not get a larger store to go into the body of this post)....but shows real promise.
Still attempting to get it to work here, but hope to see this new feature work...how about you? Is this Google's answer to eBay and other venues? Are you going to try it?

Monday, August 3, 2009

You need to go Google yourself

We all have done it. We know back links are good and when we find a site we add our links, descriptions etc, close the page and although we may have added link to our favorites, never venture back on the site. Well you know you change sites, change directions with your product line etc, but the links are still there. Old, crusty, sometimes leading to nowhere. Get going, and clean up your mess!
How? You forgot where all you put those links. Well Google yourself! Bing your names! Yahoo it! Run your names, etc through search engines and see what you find. You will be amazed at the older junk still picked up on them. Go through the links to the sites, and make sure your information is up to date. Google has a removal tool you can use, and you can find help HERE for Yahoo. But the easiest way is to update the information.
As you go through and change the links you find on some of the sites, set yourself up a folder on your favorites, and add the links to it. Anytime you change venues, go and update your stuff! Re summit your URLs to search engines about once a month to keep them fresh. You can do each one individually or use a service like Submit Express or Add Me . Add new content your sites on a regular basis, or change a few things up every now and then. Stir the pot up and the spiders will come crawling.
Not only is this good to keep your ranking high, it does make you appear more professional when all links to you are good.
Not to mention, you will be amazed at what those search engines come up with!