Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Need Help on Bonanzle? Call on a Southern Belle

I start off every day reading my emails, news articles and blog posts. One of my favorites is The Red Ink Diary. Today I was hit with "Do Webinars Have Value?" as the title. I groaned, for I KNEW before reading this, what and who it was all about. When I opened it, I was right.
There is a seller on Bonanzle who started doing webinars. She has been a 'go to' person on Bonanzle from the start of the site, and has always gone out of her way to help. Well this simple act of helping people has blossomed and has taken her to places one can only dream of.

Back before the podcast "The Selling Circus" became the Selling Circus, it was "Brainstorming Bonanzle". The host, Walt Kolenda aka AuctionWally, was in need of a co-host, and saw the value that this little southern belle had in her. He signed her on as his co-host, and with this double dose of expertise, the podcast for just Bonanzle grew into the Selling Circus, covering all venues and eCommerce.
Since then this little Louisiana Lady is like a Ragin Cajun in the eCommerce world. She has been called upon by the River, The Ranch and The Bay, eBay and Beyond, Wednesday 114 for input on Bonanzle. She has interviewed some true 'heavyweights' like Jay Berkowitz, Jake Becker, and Bill Harding . She has had Cindy Shebley contact her for her input on bonanzle.

With all this, it has become difficult for this little powerhouse to keep up with the increasing cries for help. So she did what any other savvy business woman would do, she set up webinars, and a website, 'Learn To Sell On Bonanzle' to market this knowledge.

Now it seems some people do not realize the value of someones time. Time IS money. And when your main business, like hers is creating your product, time becomes even more valuable. Some are questioning the value of an webinar, since it is just someones knowledge and there time. Why pay for one, when you can get the information for free most of the time? Well Henrietta, the author of the Red Ink Diary, said it best:
'The simple answer is the potential buyer determines the value of the product offered to them.' (read more)

Does a Webinar have value? Yes they do. But ONLY if the person giving it is knowledgeable on the subject and engaging enough to make the class informative, enjoyable, and precise. I feel that this sweet gal does just that.

Who is she? Some know her as 'attheboutique' some know her as 'Phaedra' .
I proudly call her my friend. Good luck in your latest venture. Go and show the Nay Sayer's just what the little southern belle is all about.

Phaedra is pictured above with none other than Randy K Smythe "Merchant Evangelist" for Buy.com


mommytoaaj said...

Well put Ren. I have to agree.

Jennette said...

Visiting from bonanzle,am now following!