Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bonanzle WOWs Sellers with sleek new "My Bonanzle" page

Bonanzle tech team are sneaky devils, and love to WOW the sellers with goodies overnight. Well, they did it again with the “My Bonanzle” page . And yes, it is a big big WOW!

They completely revamped this valuable piece of website real estate to make it faster loading, earlier for the seller to find all the information they need to quickly check what’s happening with their items and their booth. Also a nice section highlighting your favorite sellers and what is new at their booths as well.

Today, my first peek at this chic new page, told me that John at Shake and Bake Trading added a neat Christmas candle snuffer NIB and kbarrd added a beautiful  Ruby Glass Ship's Wheel Ashtray Coaster Set . I also discovered that my friend coolshirts2cheap added me to her favorites and BaysideBetty tweeted about my items ( thanks people!) I Also found out that yellowsand1964's booth offering 30% off June 19 at 6pm. Yes, some of this information was available before, but rarely caught my eye on the old format of the page.

Also quickly available is how many views I had in the last week, which used to take some digging to get to.

Personally, I feel this is an awesome move forward, as simple as it may seem. And the over all feedback so far has been the same.

WOW! Boyz! You did it again! Thanks!

Official word from Bill:

Later! ...Renagade
Renagade has been dealing on Bonanzle since the 'Beta Days" and has watched this site grow.

NEW View:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bonanzle welcomes former Expedia Exec, Alex Berg

Bonanzle has set the web afire yet again. One month after the online marketplace landed $1 million in financing.and winning Seattle's Best Bootstrapped Startup Award,  Bonanzle has hired former Blue Nile, Expedia and Wetpaint executive Alex Berg. Berg, the former creative director at Expedia, will lead product design, strategy and usability as their “Chief Product Officer”.

Bill Harding, Bonanzle’s founder stated on his blog:
Alex caught my attention with his focus on making customers happy. This is how Bonanzle has grown to its current size, and I believe it is how we will continue our rapid pace of growth.

In addition to this talented addition to the Bonanzle Family, Bonanzle also rolled out to exciting improvements to the platform.
First is the eBay Importer feature upgrade that improves the importing of those listings with templates, drastically cutting back on any after import editing, and making what editing needed go smoother for the seller.
Second is the beta launch of the Bonanzle Protection Pledge.
The Buyer Protection Pledge will function as an extension of the already-existing Order Resolution Center, which helps buyer and seller ensure that items get delivered and in the condition they were described. The only difference with the BPP is that we will now officially stand behind our sellers where the BPP logo is shown, giving buyers an additional reason to trust this Bonanzle marketplace that they may have never previously heard of, if they're arriving from Google.

As they roll this pledge badge out, it will slowly be added to more and more items. But even without the badge, I can assure you Bonanzle’s Resolution team is the best on the web, having something other buyer support teams don’t have - the respect of the sellers.

So Thank You Bill, for the great new tweaks to the ‘Ranch’ and Welcome Alex, to the Bonanzle Family. We look forward to seeing what you have in your goodie bag of ideas.

Later...... .Renagade
Renagade a dealer of vinyl records and other collectables on  Bonanzle and has been since Bonanzle was in Beta.