Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Be my Friend? - Why to friend or follow within Social Media

This week once again, the do's and don'ts of social media has come to the forefront of my life. I addressed the issue for bands and musicians in 7 tips for Bands on my other blog - Renagades Music. Actually the tips there can be used by all, even those in eCommerce. This here is to address a big issue within social media that still need addressing or clarifying.

To Follow or Not to Follow
      call it what you want - Follow (Twitter), Friend (MySpace and Facebook) , Like (Facebook), connect (linkedin), the question is WHY are you following them?
  1. I know Them through other websites
  2. I know them personally
  3. I want/need more friends ( Followers etc) and need them to follow back
  4. I need for them to buy - promote - or otherwise help me succeed
  5. They are Famous
  6. I like what they say and what to hear more
Really the only correct answer is number 6. I know, you are saying WTH?? (What The Heck??). But it is true. Whomever you persue - you better like what the say. At least, respect what they say or do. Now, not saying not to accept a friend request, or not to follow back etc anyone that approaches you, what I am saying is when you initiate the friendship, etc, you are saying, "I like what you offer - tell me more"

For Example - I am all about music - I sell music - I promote musicians - I have a DJ and Karaoke Service. If you follow me, expect alot of music related stuff and fully expect me to tell you what is up with the musicians I promote. Know that , among other things, I am going to chat about music. Now, I will chat about tons of other things, and offer up anything I think my friends and followers will like, and I will help them promote up their things too, but my main focus is music. So the choice is yours, like music, love music - follow. I will friend you back.

Now, I am not saying don't friend your family, real world friends etc - By all means do. They should know you well enough to know what you are like, and still like you anyway. But for expanding your reach in promoting yourself, or your business, reach out to those that you are actually interested in.

In Social Media, often it is not what you carry to the table, but what it is you walk away with.