Sunday, October 12, 2008

eBay & Beyond: Basics To Business 10-11-08 with

Learn about eBay alternative Bonanzle. Great introduction to Bonanzle. Interview starts at about the 53rd minute and goes on for about 45 minutes. About Bonanzle Straight from one of the "Bonanzle Boys"!

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Anonymous said...

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Dede said...

Yes, I have to agree that Bonanzle is simple to use, no listing fees, no booth fees and the final value fees are 1/3 of ebay. When contacting support, I received a real answer from a real person, not a canned answer, that didn't answer my question directing me to links, to help me. I finally shut down my e-bay store about a month ago and have made more in sales and profit than I did in my last 30 days at e-bay!