Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Auctionwally Interviews Bill Harding Of

This past Monday, Oct 27,2008, Auctionwally had a special hour and a half interview on Blogtalk radio with Bill Harding, the CEO of It was very informative, with Bill explaining all the strong points of Bonanzle and just what makes this such a great site. Auctionwally took questions directly from the sellers on Bonanzle and put them to Bill, I must say the questions were good thoughtful questions and Bill did such a good job answering each one. There also was a nice sprinkle of the lighter questions too...such as "What is the Ghost's name" and "has any marrige proposals come off the site?"
Many of the sellers gathered in the chat room commenting on the answers, posting new questions and ejoying the show together. Wallys cohost Mitzi was superb at keeping the whole night fun and running smooth. They also took a couple of calls from some of the sellers, like Cindy of tree411 booth, who was a delight to listen to.
I could go on and on about the great job Auction Wally and Mitzi did....but it is something you really must hear for yourself, Got to Auctionwallys site for the complete transcript, show notes, and link to listen to the show.
Trust me...this is one you have GOT to hear!
Thank you was a great show...and so much fun!


bobbi85710b said...

Great additional reflection on the interview Renegade. Thanks for posting the link.

Mitzi said...

Thanks for linking to the show! Glad that you enjoyed it, I did too :)

nightgirl said...

Hi, I'm Nightgirl on Bonanzle and it was so great to have Bill Harding mention me on the AuctionWally show about having a bunch of sales on Bonanzle.

I have almost 400 items in my booth and my moto is:
More items=More sales!

I'm having FUN on Bonanzle!
Check out my booth...there's something for everyone there!