Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas is Coming! A Good Time To Check Out Bonanzle!

Next week is Thanksgiving....time for family and freinds to gather together , give thanks for all their blessings, feast on Turkey, Stuffing and the infamous Green Bean Casserole. It is also the day alot of you will realize...MAN! Christmas is a month away and I haven't done ANY shopping!
For some with large Families, Thanksgiving can be the day that you Draw names for gift giving. You may get that one family member that NO ONE wants to know the one... they have EVERYTHING, or never is pleased with their gift, or just is hard to buy for do to the things they like is out of the ordinary. Well don't go Bonakers running from store to store trying to find something...Go BONANZLE instead!
Bonanzle is the site you can "Find Everything but the Ordinary". With over 2000 sellers and over 345,000 items (as of this blog entry) I bet you will find just the perfect gift for all! (Even that hard-to buy-for picky Aunt Mary or Uncle George!!) Let's take a look at some of the Great things you can find.

Jewelry? For a young girl, teen or woman its a safe bet. And yes you can find it everywhere! But how about something unique? Try visiting Steve at
Got a teen that LOVES her Belly rings?? Check out the great sets From Dede at
Also check out the High Quality items at great LOW prices at

Got someone into Scents? Candles, taking long baths in scented water etc?? For great candles try me the named says it all...her scented candles are WICKED GOOD!
For the Spa lover..check out So many great products to choose from , many are Tachyon Charged.
Lotions, soaps etc. How about some handmade soaps? Check out
For a Unique about Soap and lotion made from Goats Milk?? Check out

Got someone who loves the sea?? You have GOT to Visit

Video Games?? try

Someone having a Baby?? How about a Diaper Cake! Check out Sure to be a hit!

Got someone that LOVES his Ballcaps?? Check out Wonderful Selection!

Record Collector?? Theres a hard one! (yeah Right!) Try or ( can get record Backed up on CD or Cassette here!)

Sportcards?? Check out for them and more!!

Nothing special in mind?? Stumped for ideas...well check out , , , ,
Just to name a FEW!!!!

And Please check out my booth for some great collectibles, Records, and Biker items at

You Can go and type in anything you are looking for and find some great bargains from some of the top sellers online. Don't go bonkers running from store to store...stay at home and GO BONANZLE! this year!


PS...I have GOT to mention this booth here too..... you have GOT to see the goodies here! And YES there are at a fabulous discount price!


Brightest Blessings said...

Bonanzle has everything and I do mean everything! Love the great selection of items and the super deals I have found!

Kim said...

Many great booths mentioned in your post! Bonanzle is where I am going to be able to make Christmas happen because of all of the great deals! And make some money towards buying those great deals selling there as well. Love Bonanzle!

Discounted_Goodies said...

I just wish she would have mentioned my store.

Chuck said...

Bonanzle is really different. I highly recommend checking it out. The real-time chat box has been so helpful in answering questions about products before you buy. The members there are all so friendly and helpful.

Oh, and prices seem very reasonable. Most seem to be listed with a best offer option.

Check it out, your holiday dollars will go much further.

Anonymous said...

Having been online for over 10 years, selling at a variety of venues, I have to admit Bonanzle is the place I've been searching for my entire life..

Community minded environment allows people to be themselves without a billion rules and requirements for every step you take.

Bonanzle has the perfect system with a quick to learn EASY upload system that takes you about 3 mintues to upload an item to sell.

The real time chat is AMAZING - got a question? Get it answered immediately.

It's perfect and the Bronz & Brains Mark & Bill are two of the most intelligent gentlemen I have ever seen. These two thought this out BEFORE they went live. It's real, it's real time and it's GROWING FAST..

blarney_stone said...

I also have been selling online for years, and having joined Bonanzle a little over 2 months ago, I am so happy, I feel like a giddy little kid again. Everything is so simple and fast!! With the cost of gasoline, and the way things are right now, many people are saying "I Bought It On Bonanzle...It was a great deal, and delivered right to my door too!"

Mokis Treasures said...

BONANZLE the happening place for all your holiday treasures! It's Thanksgiving next Thursday and I have a good portion of my holiday shopping done from the comfort of my own home. No crowds, save on gas and most of all save MONEY! There are thousands of booths with phenomenal deals where you can make Christmas happen despite the economy!

The sellers are friendly, the deals are unbelievable! This is the only place to do your holiday shopping.

Trust me, it's the place I'm shopping and selling this year! Come early, stay late! Bonanzle is open 24/7. Make an offer, save on shipping, pay by money order or any of the on-line services. There is something there for everyone on your list!


Hurry on over. Christmas will be here before you know it!

Action Healthy Life said...

I've had a lot of fun purchasing items from fellow Bonanzlers! I just purchase an unusual gift from LuckyGirl-it's a banana scented scarf. Bonanzle is definitely the place so shop for unusual items.

Cleos Great Deals said...

A blog to rant and rave about for sure! Bonanzle is a shopping experience that will make you say -no more mall shopping at Christmas! I am buying online!

Wonderful quality items at best the prices for sure!

Susan Berry said...

Whether you're looking for something super-cool, and truly unique, or maybe something really cheap but really great, take a trip over to Bonanzle! Sign in and from the home page click on buy/browse by category/exceptional items. In addition to the suggestions listed, you can shop by categories that include Most Bizzarre, Most Beautiful, Funniest, Coolest and Best Priced. There's a whole category called Freebies, yes, free stuff. FREE!!! Paypal, Google Checkout, Money Orders accepted. Really nice people, really great deals, and everything but the ordinary. Fun!

gbagit23 said...

Bonanzle is the best! You can find the most unique and great items at great prices.The place to shop for Christmas. Come by and check us out. You won't want to leave :-)

gbme1 said...

Bonanzle is the place to be! Come and find everything but the ordinary. Come shop with us on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I love it and you will too!