Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bonanzle on TV - Fox News - You Tube !!!

Boy, Bonanzle is fast becoming a household word. Just in the last few weeks, Bonanzle has been featured on A Seattle news segment on King 5 , And wonderful spot with one of our own, AuctionWally, (Auctioneer, Collectible Specialist, and YES!, a Bonanzler!)- on Fox out of Boston.

Bonanzle has seen the number of new users soar to 11175 as of this posting! I must thank the stations for doing such a great job on the spots, and a special thanks to Auction Wally , who not only made sure to bring Bonanzle into that segment, but hosts the Talk Shoe show on Monday nights, Brainstorming Bonanzle! Lots of fun and wonderful info for any online seller!

Now, bonanzle is also making a hit on You Tube! A couple of sellers Becky and Oshun Spirit, have posted some GREAT videos on Bonanzle there, along with Bill Harding, the "Daddy" of Bonanzle, who shows you just how easy it is to list an item!

Be sure to check them all out, and actually SEE what is causing the stir!

Oh, And when you get through , visit my Booth, having a GREAT "BONANZA" today! Bonanza is the word for SALE!!


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