Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stuck for Ideas This Christmas? Try!!

The Christmas countdown is fast ticking down, and I bet you have a few on your list that you are just fretting over what to get them. Well maybe Bonanzle can help!
Bonanzle claims your can "find everything but the ordinary" and man!, that is so true! Let's take a look at some sellers I can personaaly say are good sellers and see what the out of the ordinary things they have.....

First up is a wonderful Southern Belle who goes by Coocoolady . Coocoolady has just the gift you need for the one on your list who owns and loves their birds. Whether they own a budgie or and African Grey, Coocoolady has unique handmade toys that will delight the birds and the owners too! What better way to say I thought hard about what to get you than giving them something for there fine feathered friend! All of her designs are tested by her own "flock" of 12 different birds!

Do you have someone on your list who is into Dungeons & Dragons? Well stop by and see Frodomicheal . He has a great collection of D&D books and other itmes that will make any fan go nuts! Some really nice Leather bound ones and vintage ones too!

Now if you are trying to buy for a vintage movie know the ones from the Classic Age of films......that can be difficult, since they tend to already have a bunch! How about getting them something unique featuring there favorite star? Check out Cliff at things-and-other-stuff . Cliff has some beautiful memorabila sure to please the fan of this golden era of film. Many photos, some are signed, along with vintage magazines and other items featuring the likes of John Wayne, Mary Pickford, and Clark Gable. All true collectibles that will have them going "Man!...where did you find this!" ...and I have to tell you Cliff ready knows his field!

Another good booth for Autographed things is Screaming From The Gallery . Whppdhubby has over 1000 items to choose from! Many really rare pieces!

Trying to find somwething for a Wiccan? You have got to see Brightest Blessings . She has some of the most beautiful book of Shadows that she creates herself. Many other Wiccan items too. I am sure to can find that unique gift that will thrill your Wiccan friend there!

For some truly unique hand crafted goods, go see Pieper . From Quilted Wall hangings to Mata Ortiz can not go wrong here! Pieper has a wide varitey, you are sure to find something here!

Have a Jewish friend on your list? Well visit Mitzi's Attic. Mellcomm has some cute Jewish items and a great selection of other things too...including some wonderful clocks!

Now, how about something truly different! ..... Do you have a friend that has an item in their home that they have always wondered...." what it that thing worth?" Well go and talk to Auctionwally . Tell him you would like to give someone a gift of an appraisal from someone who truly knows his stuff! Now THAT is a unique gift! And trust me when I say, Wally is a true pro!

Now this is a very, very short list of Bonanzle booths that have some unique items. You really need to come and check out the entire site...for you and really find "everything but the ordinary" there!
And if you stop by any of these booths...tell them Renagade sent you!


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Cliff Aliperti said...

Thanks, Renegade, I'm honored to have made the cut!

By the way, most of those autographs are facsimile, printed into the photo itself, but each listing is pretty clear. Of course if anyone sees me around and has a question feel free to chat in my Bonanzle booth.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!