Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Open Letter To the Boys Of Vulcraft of Fort Payne

I would like to tell you today about my "Day Job". I am a Vending attendant. Not a very glamorous position, no, but it helps pay the bills. The name of the company that signs my checks is irrelevant, but the company I run the break room for is not. I run the break room for Vulcraft of Ft. Payne, Alabama. I basically feed, water and break up food fights (LOL) for some of the hardest working, roughest steelworkers around. And these guys are the BEST group of guys going. Every year, for the past 11 years, they have all chipped in to say thanks and help my Christmas be a little brighter. And I have always written a little Christmas letter and posted it on the board. I wish I could do more for each and every one of them, For they truly are a great group. This year, I wish to share the letter with you. Although it is full of little "inside" jokes and memories that only the Vulcraft boys would know, I think it will give you a little insight to just how special they are and how much I value their friendship.....
Thanks Boys....I love you all and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas To My Boys
Another year has gone by…and it was a year to be remembered as a year of “Change”. Change in Presidents, change in policies, true…but BOY have we had our share of “change” here at Vulcraft!
Change of Faces
We said good bye to many here this year. Paw Paw Peoples left us…but no fear…..Pat is the new Daddy of the group!
We said a tearful good bye to “Red”…who left us for a better place…..this world is not the same without him.
We saw the face of my company change too. And we all know how THAT has changed things here!
And just this week we witnessed Pee Wee change into Willie!
Change of Jobs
Some of Maintenance saw there job description change from Maintenance to Exterminator! Thanks A Million guys!
I saw My job change from cleaning out crumbs to removing rubber snakes from the microwaves! (I BET it was Big Macs!)
Other Noteworthy Changes
I saw my Freezer change from empty to full Thanks to one here that kindly brought me a deer one night!
Another night recently went from, How will I get everything done AND cook supper? To Here’s a pizza…enjoy your evening! Thanks Guys! It was a break I needed!
BUT Some things NEVER change….
And that is the love and admiration I have for Each and everyone of you. Many of you (Carl, Mike, Mac, Gene, Etc, Etc, Etc,) Have so often allowed me to rant, rave and vent when I had to…keeping me sane. (OK maybe not completely sane…) And as you all have done for 11years now, you have gone over and above to help my Christmas be a special one. You all have no idea How much I appreciate it and how proud I am to say…I run the Breakroom at Vulcraft for the BEST group of guys anywhere!
PS….One MORE thing NEVER Changes…..Jimmy Dale is ..well….. STILL Jimmy Dale!

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AuctionWally said...

More people need friends like you! I'm happy to count myself among one of yours.

What a sweet gesture!

Merry Christmas!