Thursday, October 2, 2008

I may not Blog much...But boy do I squidoo!

What is Squidoo?? Well it IS kinda like a blog, but I feel it can be better! is a place where you can write an article (called a lens) on ANYTHING you want. And the great thing about it is you can earn a little cash doing this!
First sign up for squidoo. You can do that here

Then you can create your lens...the wizard there will help you get started. Some of the tips I found to make things easier to create your lens and make your lens more attractive are:

  1. Pick a GOOD title! Something that will catch the readers attention
  2. Use Pictures. A picture says a thousand makes lens more appealling
  3. Use the ADD MODULES tab. There you will find some really cool things to add to your lens.
  4. You can break up the lens into smaller text modules. That way you don't seem rambling.
  5. add the rss module and put your rss feed there (great for sellers!)
  6. Add a link plexo module...for people to add there urls to thier lenses, website, etc
  7. Dont be afraid to add anything!! You can always edit or delete it
  8. Use the preview lens tab in the add modules section!! You can easily move modules up, down or delete there
  9. Experiment and have fun!
  10. Be sure to join groups there!! You get more visitors.
  11. Visit other lenses and leave comments. Invite others to your lens
  12. two abosolutely GREAT sites to use are and Once you get your lens done!

My Lenses are mostly about the websites I have shops on and the items I sell there. You can even view some of my items that are for sale. My list of lenese is as followed:
LP Records
Watch out eBay...Here Comes Blujay
Artisan Jewelry and the Meaning of the stones
Shopping Online? How To Find What You Want!
Blujay Verus eCrater...Two great marketplaces go head to head
Renagades Favorites On
Probidz...for the best in online shopping
World's Longest Yard Sale
eBay? So Yesterday!....Today it's Bonanzle!
Bonanzle and Atomic Mall...Watch them Grow

And I Have a Group :Bonanzle....Come Join The fun!

Come on Over!! Read one or read all and you will be saying I WANT TO SQUIDOO TOO

See you there! Later.......Renagade

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Teddi14 said...

I found your blog doing a search on Twitter about Squidoo Tips. I am also a lensmaster and I am addicted. Please check out some of my lenses and I will do the same for you. Here is my lens about Getting your lens noticed:

I am going to follow you on Twitter too. :-)