Monday, January 19, 2009

The Economy...Well it SINKS! Branding is so important now!

The economy ....well it sinks. Many are on the unemployment line now, myself included. The hardest part was saying goodbye to the greatest group of guys I will ever know...the hard working steelworkers of Nucors Vulcraft of Fort Payne, Alabama. For almost 11 years I ran the breakroom there, filling vending machines and in those 11 years I have made many friends. I watched them come in dirty, sweaty, gave them change for a dollar bill that was too wet from sweat to use in the machines, told them if I had their favorite food in stock that day ( yes I could remember that Mike and Moe liked the sugarfree wafers, Shannon loved the sausage and cheese biscuits, and Carl had a thing for Crunch donuts) I have laughed at their jokes, pulled out splinters, bandaged fingers, and cried with them over the loss of love ones and friends. And I know all of them by name. And I miss them.
The Company I worked for changed due to a corporate deal and things went down hill. the food changed, the economy took a nose dive, causing Vulcrafts work to slow down, and sales slipped. Now, even after I personally cut my hours as much as I could, the vending company let me go. Like I said, the economy sinks.
Now more than ever, my online sales are important. I am listing everything I can, as fast as I can, hoping to build up the stock. Trying my best to keep inline the direction I am wanting to take Renagade', biker, and SciFi items. Sure, I do have a "Everything Else" catagory, so you never know just what you might find at my booth! But I have a certain style, a certain BRAND, I want Renagade's on Bonanzle to have, and hope to be able to keep streamlining the booth towards the "Renagade" items and the "Renagade" "Brand"... But in the tough road I am facing now, you are liable to find anything and everything in my booth.
Tonight, on Talkshoe, Brainstorming Bonanzle is covering "Branding". I am looking forward to the show and hope if you dont get a chance to catch it live, you tune into the replay. (see links in sidebar here)
Let me wrap this up by again, telling ALL of the wonderful guys at Nucors Vulcraft of Fort Payne, Alabama ...I love you all and thank you...for the best 11 years of my life......



Brightest Blessings said...

You are so right it does stink! What a wonderful story,I am sure they will miss you as well. Yes, branding is a must!

Kaboodle Gifts said...

Now more than ever the consumer is being very picky when making a purchase. Branding makes up a big part of that decision. Consumers will purchase, and I believe that they will purchase across all price points. The key to making that sale across all price points is branding, perceived value, and practicality. No longer will the consumer buy on impulse.