Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bonanzle is Rocking the House!..and the eCommerce World!

Listen! Do you hear the beat? That is Bonanzle and the "Bonanzlers"(users of Bonanzle) Throwing a party! Bonanzle took the top honor of BEST eBay Alternative of 2008. This IS quite a feat, considering Bonanzle has only been up since mid 2008. This baby of the e-commerce world really knows how to rock the house, and with its own unique style is showing the old-timers just how it is done!

Check out what was posted on the Examiner by Auctionwally:

Then come on over and join the party! The company is good, the music is rockin' and everyone is doing the "Bonanzle Boogie" !

Party On Bonanzlers! You all worked hard for it!


Brightest Blessings said...

Two very impressive milestones for Bonanale in one week!

Kim said...

I just cannot wait to see what happens next! :)