Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How do YOU Measure Success?

What makes someone a success? And how do you define it? Is it a dollar amount? Recogition? Happiness in doing what you do? Well to me I feel it is a combination of the three.
Being happy about what you are doing and proud of your accomplishments is truly important and my Bonanzle Booth, Renagade's is shaping up in ways I am truly proud of. And I am happiest when I am working on it, promoting my items and Bonanzle as a whole, or helping out someone who has a question about it. And through my work there my dollar amount in sales is picking up, which is what selling is all about.
But the biggest thing is RECOGNITION ...someone saying " are doing great!" is, in all honesty, what everyone strives for....whether is taking care of the home front, an article you have written, work you have done whether its in the real world or online, humans crave that pat on the back. Well, I am amazed at the recognition I have received and going to receive lately.
First it is an thrill to welcome anyone who is reading this due to "The Morning Papers". I was awestruck to find out that this prestigious service has decided to follow this blog. I send out my deepest gratitude to them, and encourage anyone on Twitter to follow them for some of the best "breaking news" online today.
Second, is another shocker of recognition, I have been scheduled to be a guest on the podcast, "Brainstorming Bonanzle" on Monday February 16 at 8pm est (7pm cst) This podcast I have followed from the beginning, and they have had on some amazing "Heavy Hitters" in the world of Eccomerce Such as Mark Dorsey of Bonanzle, Henrietta of Red Ink Diary, Dave White of Ebayandbeyond, John Lawson, aka colderICE of Agents of Revenue to name just a few. And now...ME?!?! I am still trying to absorb this, and I am deeply, deeply honored for this opportunity that Auctionwally and his co-host Pheadra of attheboutique has given me here. I hope everyone will tune in to this show, not because I will be on, but because Walt and Pheadra do such a fantastic job at bring great information that everyone, not just Bonanzlers, can use.

Now, To continue along the "Recognition" line, Last weeks show of Brainstorming Bonanzle was about Discussion/Forum Boards. It was a VERY informative show anyone could use. I could go on and on about it, but Dede aka Brightest Blessings Has written a wonderful blog on it. Check out Brainstorming Bonanzle- Discussion I cant do any better than the way she put it!

Also, I have a group for Bonanzle "Lenses" on squdioo called Bonanzle!...Come Join the Fun! Where Bonanzlers can summit their lenses about their booth, their products and Bonanzle. Well today I came across a lens that is TRULY awesome! Mechelle of EyeCatchingBeauty has written a few lenses, all top notch, but the one entitled Charismatic Bill Harding & The Bonanzle Phenomenon Is over the top great! Please! take the time to read this one! It will answer any and all questions you have about Bonanzle. SUPER job Mechelle!

What makes YOU feel successful? I feel its Sales, Being happy doing your job, and recognition for your hard work...but I think Bill Harding, founder of Bonanzle said it best: when asked: What is your Dream Job? "The job doesn't matter. The people are what matters." Thanks to all of you great people!



attheboutique said...

Wally and I are very excited and looking forward to having you on Monday Night's Brainstorming Bonanzle!

The value and content you provide are excellent, and so selflessly given.

Thank you for all you do!

Dede said...

Looking forward to the show Monday night. I am thrilled for you.