Sunday, January 25, 2009

Branding and the Renagade Brand

Branding. It might just be the most important thing and online seller can do to help promote their items and their store/website. After last weeks informative session of Brainstorming Bonanzle with Auctionwally and Phaedra of Attheboutique , I have given it much thought about the "Renagade" brand. I vowed to streamline my booth on Bonanzle, and get my brand out there on New Years. After losing my job, I almost got off course... thinking about listing all sorts of things and in turn, getting of course of my branding goal. Then it happened....I had some sales...all if God was saying, "No you don't!..see your brand?" So I am back on course to establishing the Renagade.
First thing I did was a small change to the Avatar. After seeing others using it and needing one unique to the Renagade, I came up with the one you see now. Now, you will KNOW when you see the Renagade!
Then it was on to the booth. I did some revamping....taking all items that just didn't seem to "fit" and put them on sale in a special category. Some I even grouped together in big lots just to move them out. Started Listing a lot more records too, along with cassettes, scifi items, VHS Movies, Biker patches and other Harley items. The booth is really shaping up. Even started a Music Services Category, offering transfers of music, backups of CD&Gs discs, and DJ/Karaoke Service withing the NE Alabama Area through my other venture, 2Wolves Music and Audio! (MORE about those services soon!) Giving some thought to changing the banner too. It IS a nice one....but I feel I need something a little more "Renagade".
Next is my online presence. Trying to be more active, but at the same time being a little more selective. And I am trying to be true to me more. Like it or not, the Renagade can be somewhat of a cut up, as well as in depth and you can see that so much in the Brainstorming Bonanzle Chat notes.
Now, am I done? No are NEVER done with Branding . It is and ongoing process, ever growing to shape out who you are and what you sell. How much thought and effort have YOU put into "Branding"?
That said....I have some more "Branding" to do!



Brightest Blessings said...

I am still in the works on branding. Templates are coming along, but oh what a slow process. Good Luck! Love the new avatar! Very well done!

Anonymous said...

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