Monday, January 26, 2009

Howl with the Wolves....2wolves actually!

2Wolves Music and Audio is my other venture I am trying to get branded. Branding this has be easy in some aspects and a lot more difficult in others. 2Wolves Music and Audio is a DJ/Karaoke service my Husband and I started after providing the music and karaoke for just about everyone's party we have ever been to. After some upgrading of equipment and expansion of our already huge music library, we started to advertise and get our brand out there.

The 2wolves brand is a simple one. The logo is as seen above. Two wolves howling the music...hence the tag line, "Come Howl With The Wolves". And as in Renagade's on Bonanzle, customer service is top priority. Great music, Best prices, and a "Howling" good time.

There are some others in the area that have the same service. So what is going to set 2Wolves apart from the rest of the pack? The 2Wolves Brand! You see the others are larger, have a couple of DJs and although you might talk to the owner to book them....they may or may not be the one you actually get on your big day. With 2Wolves Music and Audio, you meet with us, book with us, and WE are the ones that come out and DJ your event. Personalized service from start to finish. THAT is what will make 2Wolves the leader of the pack.

The competition is tough, but we are tougher. And by working on our Brand, we will do well. As I said before...branding is and ongoing process...and we are just getting started on branding the 2Wolves . can hear the howl!


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Brightest Blessings said...

Have gotten more than a few CD's from Renagade and they are great! Excellent customer service, very professional!