Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bonanzle is Getting ALOT of Attention..Check out's Latest!

Bonanzle now has over 1 million items listed and really stirring up some attention! Mashable has posted the following:

"One of the fastest growing eBay alternatives just hit a major landmark and chances are you’ve never heard of them. Bonanzle, which combines an online marketplace with social media features, has now had one million items posted to their site - an impressive feat given it just launched late last year.
While eBay is
struggling to keep their footing, Bonanzle is...." Read more.
Bonanzle: Social Media's Quickly Growing Alternative to eBay

There are several comments left about this article and about Bonanzle...both good and bad. I left the following comment that I would like to share with you:

"Bonanzle's success is because of not only the dedication of Bill Harding and crew, but the grassroots get-the-word-out effort of the buyers and sellers on this site. To find a site with such enthusiastic users and a hands on and accessible founder and staff in a refreshing change in the e-commerce world that has grown so cold and in personable. Bonanzle's unique's personality if you what is going to make this site rise to the top. Congratulations to Bonanzle and all there on reaching the 1 million mark!"

I encourage everyone to check out Bonanzle and see for yourself what all the buzz is about.
And thank you , Jennifer Van Grove, for the great article on Bonanzle!

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