Monday, March 16, 2009

WHAT Is eBay Thinking? Or ARE They???

eBay. We ALL know it and USED to love it. Note I said USED to. eBay has taken a sharp turn in marketing strategy that is causing many sellers, even the big boy power sellers with the feeling of being used and stepped on.

Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes wrote several good articles about the "New" eBay and two quotes truly jumped out at me that describes what eBay is thinking :

"President of eBay Marketplaces Lorrie Norrington said, "An analogy that is fairly simple is that the old eBay made a living in peoples' attics and garages. The new eBay is sitting in warehouses, liquidators and off-price retailers. And they're looking for cost-effective channel to be able to move high velocity." eBay SVP & GM of North America Marketplaces Stephanie Tilenius revealed that eBay is allowing certain companies to brand themselves on eBay. "We're changing how we actually show some of those sellers, those larger sellers, on eBay," she added." (article)


"Stephanie Telenius, SVP & GM, North America Marketplaces, gave some examples of secondary market sellers, including, SmartBargains for clothing, TigerDirect in the electronics space, and Act and Powell in the book space. She said eBay was ramping up its business development." (Article)

Another words... eBay has found a new love and has tossed aside the old one. Some of these old lovers are big time sellers on eBay, like John "colderICE" Lawson who wrote a STEAMING rant about the changes....

"At one time, eBay was MAKING people self sufficient, small business were growing thanks to eBay. eBay was once an asset to the jobless, the single moms, the handicap, NOPE…”screw those losers” right-on Lorrie Norrinton, eh?!? Today in 2009 eBay has SWORN to make sure that they will do their part to INCREASE homelessness, poverty, and hyper unemployment. eBay this week have promised Americans, that we will make sure YOU CAN’t SELL your stuff on eBay anymore when you need some rent money. Nope, eBay is NOT for you guys!

Hell no, eBay has said that they want to make sure the YOU and me, “Joe America” & “Suzy Six-Pack”, need to do your trading elsewhere, they are on a mission. As for you and I?…basically, if you are an independent sellers “Go to HELL! We DO NOT WANT YOUR BUSINESS, thanks but no thanks.” " (article)

BUT, like RedInkDiary's Henrietta put it in her "Dear John" letter:

"eBay is your toy and you may set the rules for playing with it, but we users also have choices and if the price for playing with eBay is too high we will not play, or pay for the privilege."

eBay needs to wake up! WE are MAD AS HELL and us old jilted lovers "little sellers" that you are tossing to the side CAN, HAVE, and WILL go elsewhere! We will NOT sit patiently pineing away waiting for you to love us again.
PS...Sellers! Have you left eBay??? Where is YOUR new home at??? Mine is Bonanzle! Come visit me!


Cabin Fever said...

Sad isn't it. I just collected my tax info off of paypal for last Jan and Feb. If they had not pulled their stunts last year, I know I would not be working a J O B right now. I was just starting to do very nicely. So I revisted my sadness this weekend.

blarney_stone said...

I used to make a few house payments a year with my eBay not.

I had enough extra to play the way I wanted cruises or vacations abroad, but to go to an auction or "saleing" they way I wanted to. No now..

I did just list an item over there, and the total sale was for $125.00 including domestic shipping and insurance. (Not a big heavy item) After fees and postage with insurance, I saw a final value back to me of about $90...

The fees and deductions for a simple sale are outrageous! I will never be able to sell small ticket items there for any kind of a margin big enough to support myself in the foreseeable future.

It is sad, as selling on eBay used to be fun!

Henrietta said...

There is good news too.

2007 was 60% less GSV than 2006 for me on eBay for the whole year.
2008 had dropped to 20% of 2006 gross, (80% down) and I had made a website and moved large portion of inventory there. Left eBay in mid February.
2009 is almost double 2008 gross sales for Jan & Feb on website and Bonanzle.

Given the recession and the frivolity of my stock I am pleased.

There is a shining light on the horizon and I am moving closer!

Kaboodle Gifts said...

The first generation starts it, the 2nd generation builds it, the 3rd generation blows it up.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing one or the other seller frustrated from eBay because they pulled their auction listing. It is very easy to violate an eBay listing guideline without knowing, the first you’ll learn about it is when you receive an email from eBay.