Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Communication - Key To Successful Business


Why is it that some businesses do such a poor job in communicating with their customers when in reality communication is THE most important tool a business has? A quick, timely email or phone call can make the difference between a happy customer or one that can damage your business simply by stating you do not effectively communicate.

Recently, Auctiva (3rd party listing software for eBay) had a major security breach. Did Auctiva quickly inform their users of this? NO. It wasn't till three days later when the public, such as John Lawson of colderICE, started sending out warnings did Auctiva speak out. And even then, did a fairly poor job of it.

Since Auctivas software is used on eBay, this breach caused major problems for eBay users as well. And what communication has eBay done about this? VERY little...did not even address it in their Town Hall Meeting that week.

I find their lack of communication unacceptable and will no longer be using them. And there are many others that have jumped ship as well. Now Auctionwally (Walt Kolenda) has extended an offer to John Donohoe, CEO of eBay for and interview to help eBay users get answers and to also give eBay the perfect opportunity to communicate their views on some of the bad press eBay has been receiving. Unfortunately, Walt Kolenda is still waiting for Donohoe's answer. You can follow this progress (or lack of) at Walt's article on the Examiner.

Now this lack of Communication is a problem in the "Real World" as well. Recently I had a Karaoke Gig booked with a local restaurant. I called to go over some final details three days before the booked date as I always do. I was thanked for the call but was told QUOTE : " Been meaning to call you...we had to cancel it" Really??? When would I have found out about this cancellation if I hadn't called? Poor Communication on their part.

Why is communication so hard for some people? Do they not realize that by not effectively communicating to the public and their customers, they have and will continue to lose business. It only takes a minute....start communicating better today!


PS.....Speaking of Communicating ...I am STILL waiting to hear back from eBays support as they promised they would contact me about their handing out my personal information (see eBay Gives Out Personal Information here in this blog)


Kat Barton said...

Amen to that! This on-line is the same as if you are standing in front of me. Communication is key. What people miss is they think because we are not "seen" as in the physical, then they do not have have the communication skills it requires to complete a transaction. As for Donahoe, or the Ebay PR department, and any other company out there that has gone "big" time, it is time to remember how they got there.

AuctionWally said...

You're spot on Renagade. With the big money these companies are responsible for, you'd think they'd have learned this valuable lesson.

Do they think people don't talk amongst themselves? It's almost as if they don't know how the Internet works.

Kaboodle Gifts said...

Communication is absolutely essential. It builds relationships, your customer base, repeat business,referrals, and so much more. Without it you have absolutely nothing.

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