Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I AM the Renagade ...And You Are???

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who are afraid to reveal themselves. Anyone who reads articles or tunes into podcasts know what I am talking about. Its those who post comments under names other than the main one they use on line, or jump onto podcasts under "guest" and fail to state who they are when asked. Why would someone do this? There is only one reason ....that is they are saying something that can and will put them in a bad light. What these people become known as is "Trolls" IE people who's only purpose is to slander a site or another person and to cause havoc online. (Two Wiki articles Here and Here)

Unfortunately, trolls think they are being clever, and that by coming up with "Ask Abby-ish" names like "(insert a site name) S@@ks" or "I Am The Victim Here" they foolishly think they are hidden. the problem is they are not. Everyone has a certain style of writing, and have the tendency to use certain words or phrases. Watch for them and you will clearly "see" who is the person behind the words.

Now I have run across some that do use the same name everywhere. But fail to provide a link to their home base online. Now, I know you are thinking, they may not have one. And true some may not. but the ones I am referring to make it known they do...whether a blog, website or store front, by stating they sell or write online, but fail to provide a link...or even state the name of the site. To me, when this is done consistently, these people are not much better than a Troll...when they seem to have a trail of comments slamming one site or person.

Trolls absolutely fear two words .....TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY . For Trolls definitely do NOT want you to know WHO they are, and the hide because they do not want to be held accountable for their snarky words or comments.

As long there are blogs, articles and podcasts open to comments...there will be Trolls. But if you read the comments will soon know who they are and what their agenda is.

How transparent is YOUR presence online? And How do you feel about those who hide?

I will sign this as I sign EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE online



Bobbi85710 said...

Ren, you true!

Hillary said...

I feel like you stole this post from my mind!! I have a post on transparency coming up as well! Oh, well, I guess there is room in this world for all of us ;-)

Henrietta said...

There sure is room for all of us Hillary and many times your take on a subject will be different from mine because we are different people who each see things from our own unique perspective. That doesn't mean my opinion is invalid if I disagree with you or vice-versa. Just different viewpoints.

I couldn't agree with you more Ren, I think possibly because some of these folk are so notoriously biased or pushing their own agenda they are afraid nobody will read them if they use the same ID. It is human nature to scroll over something you know you will not like!

Personally I often read blogs written from an angle that I disagree with completely. It is all knowledge and helps keep the brain active.

The only exception to that rule would be the paid-per-click blogger who doesn't have a code of ethics. Going there would be enabling and rewarding bad behavior.

Andrew and Alyssa's Bargain Basement said...

I agree with what you are saying about transparency with who you are but I can also sometimes see how it happens that you are not so clear. When I first signed up at eBay I had no intention of ever selling on line so I had one name and used that same name on a forum. Then I started signing up on smaller auction sites and not thinking chose my seller name that I use on all sites, but it is a popular user name so I had to come up with a third one for blogs and twitter and stuff. But I do use the same avatar for every site regardless of the user name. I never thought about the fact that a user name becomes a brand on the internet newbie that I am. So that is how I ended up with several user names. As far as not posting a home base in a siggy there is one site that I do not list where I sell in my siggy and that is for a good reason it is a site that is not liked by some trolls and as a relatively new seller I do not have the reputation to withstand an attack from them. But I have no problem posting who I am and where I sell everywhere else on the net.

Sorry my comment turned into a book but I figured I would give another side to the transparency issue.

mommyto3, mommytoaaj, kmlocker or just plain Karen :)

Renagade said...

I want to thank you all for the insightful comments....both here and off this blog.
Henrietta...I agree...there are some whose name is just polarizing....and Karen, some sites are polarizing as well. But the only way to handle this is with alittle grace and style. As long as one is stating their opinion in a respectful way, and is not skewing the facts to suit there own agenda, I feel then they could post more openly, proudly and without fear of repercussions. Respect given can only returned. And I also read many articles written from other viewpoints...and have reponded to a few of them...but I have always tried to respect the writers right to their viewpoint.

Hillary.....I sincerely hope you write that blog...I look forward to your perspective on this subject!