Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Just A Matter Of Trust

TRUST...such a little word with such a big impact in this world. When you are buying an item on line, this word can mean everything! You are about to send your hard earned money, to someone you have never met, and don't know from Adam. And you are trusting that the seller has been truthful in their description, and will not only pack the item well for shipment...but that they will actually SEND it to you. And the Seller is trusting you will be honest in the feedback, and will ACTUALLY pay for the item. And this all comes down to TRUST. But how do you know who to trust?

Most sites now have a Feedback System, where both buyer and seller can tell the world how good (or bad) a transaction has gone, and both the Buyer and Seller are given a percentage number based on positive feedback. Bonanzle has taken this and kicked it up a notch.

Bonanzle now offers "MORE" . When you visit an item on Bonanzle you will see on the left hand side the sellers name, number or feedback, rating of the feedback, and "MORE" . By clicking on "More" you will be taken to a page that breaks down the "Trust Factor" for you with links to find more information on the seller. Bill Harding explains it all in his Blog "More Sale Through More Trust"

Now does that mean you should only buy from sellers with high feedback? NO!!!! I have found a lot of new sellers try really hard, wanting to make sure everything is done right, where some of the very seasoned "Veterans" have gotten slack in their customer service skills. What this DOES mean is you now have even more tools to really check out a seller at Bonanzle...and that Bonanzle...being a fairly "New Kid On The Block" working HARD for you to make your experience at Bonanzle a good one. This new page, along with the contact seller button and the Chat In Booth Feature allows YOU as a buyer to truly get a good idea if whether or not you can TRUST this seller.
But remember.....NEW sellers work hard too (sometimes HARDER) please use the MORE page, the contact seller and booth chat feature to get to "know" them...and help them build up their reputation. As well as using these features to truly check out that seasoned Veteran.

Now no matter where you shop,.... no matter where you sell ....I encourage you to not be afraid to fully check out that person...leave honest feedback ...and if you had a good experience TELL people that they too can trust that person.... that is what online shopping is all based on...TRUST.


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