Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bonanzle Looks back to charge ahead

Bill Harding of Bonanzle has just posted a look back and look forward blog on the progress of this marketplace that has turned many heads since coming onto the eccomerce scene. 2009 showed many Bonanzle is a viable marketplace that is not only easy for sellers to list their items, but easy for buyers to come in, find what they want and purchase without hassles.
In the past year, bonanzle has had many growth spurts, but with the skill of a tech team that is some of the best in the business, the growth has been a joy to experence. So far they have:

  • Overhauled booth page

  • Added item traits for better searching

  • Fully automatic integration with Google Product Search

  • Added API

  • Added affiliate program

  • Bounty of improvements to the shipping calculator

  • Added booth coupons, coupon list

  • Added widgets

  • Added category showcases

  • Added booth panels

  • Added automatic payment via credit card (for seller fees)

  • Added ability to tweet and post items to FB

  • Added Craigslist exporter

  • Added international shipping

  • Numerous server upgrades and stability improvements such that the site has only had about 5 minutes of downtime over the last quarter

  • Completely revised checkout process made more intuitive through user feedback

Bill and his team have made this seem so simple to do as well.

What is up for 2010? Well, alot of things! Take a look at Bills blog post A Look Back at 2009, Forward at 2010 to find out what is up for 2010, and discover why Bonanzle is going to be the place to shop in the years ahead.

Later............. Renagade

PS .... Bill, do you EVER sleep?


Kaboodle Gifts said...

Bonanzle continues to be a part of our business strategy. With all of the changes that are taking place, and the continued growth of our audience from Google Product Search, we feel that Kaboodle Gifts made the right decision to become apart of the Bonanzle community.

Yeshuazgirl said...

Great recap of the changes made by Bonanzle recently! and I agree does Bill EVER sleep? LOL