Monday, December 21, 2009

American Express 'Gets it' with colderICE

He has a hardy laugh and a winning smile. Quick witted with a straight shooting, common sense style that comes from the school of hard knocks. And he has the ability to make sure you "Get it".
His name is John Lawson, but most people online know him as colderICE. A self made Entrepreneur (3rd Power Outlet) and Internet Commerce Education Specialist (colderICE), John, to many including me, has been a great mentor and wonderful friend. Someone we see as a shining star.
Now American Express also saw the charisma that colderICE possesses, and tapped him for their next commercial. Congratulations John, and to American Express.... I am glad to see you "Get it" too.

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2woofers said...

A great guy and a great commercial. I think we'll be hearing much more from him and about him in the future.