Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bonanzle Announces API

Bonanzle is in the first stages of developing the most robust API on the web to date. Bill Harding, Bonanzle's creator today introduced "Bonapitit"(BONAnzle-API-IT), saying :

"This API will allow third party developers to create applications that tie into Bonanzle. These applications could vary from an iPhone application to a desktop program for managing your inventory to a mobile app for tracking your sales... or any number of endless other possibilities. Every application will have the potential to generate revenue from affiliate commissions, usage fees, advertising revenues, or whatever other creative avenues the developers can think up."

Although still in beta, this is going to be one API developers will want to take a serious look at, for the possibilities will be endless.

Just what will this mean to sellers? This means a growth in the market. With the API, Bill and his staff is opening doors for a vast array of applications ranging from those that showcase products and services offered on Bonanzle, to inventory management for the sellers back end.

All developers need to take a look at this opportunity to corner their share of this marketplace. With over 2 million items listed, and the list growing at a rapid pace, Bonanzle is a site well worth your time to develop an application for.Visit Bill's blog to apply for this golden opportunity.


Virginia Morgan-Burr said...

Nice addition to Bonanzle! Definitely an opportunity for developers.

Bobbi85710 said...

Great News Ren!

@TheBoutique said...

Bonanzle has again implemented even this feature with Bill's cutting edge embracing of the "open" in everything.
Quote, "Given the existing ecosystem of hundreds of applications that have already been written for eBay, we decided to design our API in such a way that these applications can start working with Bonanzle given the minimum possible effort." Bill Harding
Keeping it simple, and making it easy for developers to integrate. Bonanzle's back end for the seller does leave some wanting, with the open API, those wants can be filled, easily without clunking up the site and make it harder to use as a selling venue.
It will be interesting to see who the first to integrate will be.

Phaedra Stockstill

magisterrex said...

This bodes well for the Bonanzle platform. We could see incredible growth this fiscal based on API-related development alone. More exposure equals a larger buyer base!