Monday, September 28, 2009

Improve your web presence and earn a little money along the way

We all know that getting yourself known on the web is a vital key to eCommerce. So we join forums, jump on the Social Media train of Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc and plug ourselves and our items. Even start a blog, to get the word out. In doing so you may have had people tell you you are good at what you do, your articles are tops, or you have become a 'go to' person in your field. Why not make a little money at this as well? There is two sites I am going to tell you about where you can!

1. Squidoo
Squidoo is a wonderful site where you set up pages called (they call them "lens" ) and this site gives you many great tools to work with. They have a huge selection of modules , everything from You Tube to rss feeds to Cafepress and Amazon so you can dress it up and offer your readers value. Squidoo is a site that even the beginner web user can master in no time. And it pays. Pays for number of reads and pays a commission on some of the modules when people buy an item from them. And if your store front site has an RSS feed, you can pull your items in onto the lens.
Here are some of the ones I have done:
Music Collecting (not just owning a few CDS)
LP Records
Shopping Online? How To Find What You Want!
World's Longest Yard Sale
Discover New Music...check out an Indie artist

I recommend anyone to give this a try. Just say I WANT TO SQUIDOO TOO

2. The Examiner
Are you serious about writing? And want to make some money while setting your self out on the web? Consider writing for the Examiner.
The is a prestigious online paper that is looking for writers to cover all sorts of fields in all areas of the US. You like to go out on the town? Become your areas nightlife Examiner. Love to cook? See about writing for them. You are an art lover? Critique the local artists!
The Examiner is a serious source of information, and receive high ranking on Google and other search engines. The is a position you must apply for, and not all people make the cut, but definitely worth the time the compensation of pay and prestige of being an Examiner is enormous.
To find out more, visit the and tell them Susan Leak, the Birmingham Music Examiner sent you. Yes I am an Examiner. I love writing for them and found it very rewarding. Here are some of my articles:
Damien Cripps Band - Australia's hottest rock
Monk - The man and the music
Fort Payne to host the 101st fiddlers convention
Dewey Wayne - He's just here for the music
Music 101 - A look at vinyl record collectors
The music of Martin DeBourge

There you have it. Two great ways of showing people what you know, building up your web presence and making a little cash along the way. If you need help, give me a shout. You can connect with me on Twitter ...


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