Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tornado 2010 proves online friendships are real

People who are not in the world of eCommerce or active online just don't understand the friendship and the bonds made with people we may never even have a phone call with much less meet. But don't ever think the friendship is not the real deal.

On April 25, 2010 we got hit with a tornado. Luckily the damage was mostly to the vehicles and little to the house, but the big beautiful old trees around the house where all uprooted or snapped off.

We were very lucky, It was an EF4 with 170mph winds. It had to be off the ground otherwise house would have been gone. Still the feeling of having your property damaged in such a way and the helplessness and despair is no less.

Well since the last message I left on Twitter was Tornado watch .. bad weather . got to go, the day before, Once we got the phone temporarily hooked up and called in some of the best 'real world' friends for help (and coffee) I called Kat, (Gypsytrading on twitter, gypsygirl on Bonanzle) whom I have to say is one of my dearest friends.

All I wanted to do was to let her know what had happened and so she could let people know I was OK, just was going to be off line for a while due to power, phone lines down and major cleanup.

Well she did. And my circle of friends online that I hold dear let go with an outpouring of love and prayers that .... well... words could never describe.

And the daily phone calls from Kat " Gypsy" and John "Shake and Bake Trading" were a great comfort as well.

The handful of 'real world' people whom came and helped, or came by to check on us we deeply appreciate and love them, they are our 'family', and although I have always felt close to my 'cyberworld' 'family',  my hubby, Steve, never fully understood it until now.

We are both so grateful to each and everyone of you. Steve said, " You do have some wonderful friends, good friends online. They ARE like 'family'"

Yep, now he understands.

Yep, you all truly are.

Thank you all ....
Property before the storm
Property now


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Dede said...

Yes they truly are real family. We missed you! So sorry the clean up isn't going fast. But it will get there.


Gypsy Trading Company said...

wow... I would just be a mess. We love you.. and yeah... the big lug Steve to. :P

Katie and Da Katz said...

how are you doing now?

just reading the post on Bonanzle.

So glad your house made it through and you are safe and sound!

Did you lose any merchandise you were selling?

Katie Kat