Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are those britches getting tight?

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my first ECMTA seminar in Atlanta. Among many things I took away from this was self confidence and belief in my ability and pride in what I do. I have gone from someone who sells used records online, to a dealer in vinyl. From a blogger to a reviewer of music. And my site, Renagade's Relics evolved from a site with links to where I sell, to a site showcasing some of the best Indies musicians around.

One thing that I would like to think hasn't changed is me.

Everyone strives to move up and forward. Ambition is good, for to want to better oneself is what keeps us alive. But the question is, as you move forward are you careful not to step on others along the way? Do you find yourself forming new friendships based on who they are on the inside, or because of who they are in the world? When you converse with others, are you talking with them, at them, or down to them? Basically, as my Daddy would say, are you getting too big for those britches?

Yes, it is good to present yourself with an air of professionalism. It is when the air gets oversaturated with professionalism that it becomes stale and hard to breathe in. When your desire to succeed overruns your ability to talk with people and share your wisdom as opposed to talking at people boasting your knowledge, it may be time to take a long hard look in the mirror. And make sure its a rearview mirror. Only when you remember your past is the future sweet.



MommysBazaar said...

Excellent points Renagades. When people get too puffy with themselves it brings out my desire to get a big pin. Being talked at is never fun much better to have engaging conversations.



Henrietta said...


No matter who you are you can and doubtless will make a mistake, if you are a professional you will admit that you made a mistake, thank the person who took time to let you know where you went wrong, learn from it, and move on.

I will not waste my time with people who think they are infallible, there are so many genuine folk out there, why mess with fakers?

PS. You rock girl.

Gypsy Trading Company said...

I have to say, this is one of the best articles I have read recently. There so many "experts" out there. They all got there the same way, by regular people listening to them and cheering them on. They are no different from you or I.

I think Henrietta says it best. They are not infallible. No one is.

I NEED people to tell me I have made a mistake. If they do not, I don't learn and grow and move forward.

Yep! You rock lady!

magisterrex said...

Always good to remember where you came from or those who do will go out of their way to remind you. The ancient Greeks lived by the phrase, "know thyself," and it's still relevant today.

Yeshuazgirl said...

Very nicely said beauty!!! I am a Christian and am in love with the Lord. No one is higher than He in my eyes - so personally, that alone keeps me grounded. I do not think highly of myself in "worldly terms" - however I know that I am a precious jewel in His sight...for me success is not measured by how much I know nor how many dollars I have in my bank account but by how my life reflects He whom I love.
((((HUGS))))) Patti

John (ColderICE0 said...

Excellent post and perspective. People do this two ways, either they get to big for their britches OR the other part is they are so small in thier mind that anyone that move to higher heights they start to hate on them and try to bring them down.

Watch out for both of these types. Don't play up to be other than you are and don't play down to be accepted by those who brains are smaller than their body and full of jealousy and hate.

Both are sick, poisonous people and are bad for your health. Keep striving and getting better and leave the "hate to the haters" and be as great as you are suppose to be....ROCK ON GIRL!!!

You know the saying...Don't hate the player, hate the game.

John (ColderICE)