Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ECTMA 09 summit - Information from the best

Last week I attended my first ecommerce summit in Atlanta, Ga., and there is only one word to describe an event like that, and that's INFORMATIVE! The information one can gather from such an event is unbelievable. But how does one know what is beneficial to them and their business? I practice what I call the 3-R's.... Research, Remove, Reuse.
Step 0ne.... RESEARCH.
At the ECMTA Summit, you have many well qualified speakers, all offering good information on how to drive your business forward. After listening, talking to them, taking notes and gathering business cards, I start Researching. I visit the websites, run searches on the companies and the person, and read reviews, following the concept that an informed decision is the best one. Then I move to ...
Step two....REMOVE
On every website, on every blog, etc you will find there is hype and ideas that just don't fit your business. It is up to you to find the relevant tips and valuable content that you can use and remove it. Start a folder, keeping notes on the information you gather, save the links that you know you will be wanting to revisit, download the videos and podcasts that you know you will want to review again. Remove the GOOD information and save it!
Step three....REUSE
OK, you have listened, talked, researched, gathered the relevant data, now REUSE it! Try out that venue or forum, tune into that podcast regularly, apply the tips that you have removed to your business.
There is no "cookie cutter" formula to this. You must adapt the information to suit you and your business. If you can attend an event such as the eCommerce 09 Summit, great! If not , you can still find the best information right on the web. Here is some that I found because of the summit that you may find valuable:
colderICE: John is "Da Man!" energetic powerhouse loaded with information! Visit his website, podcast, and check out his U-tube Videos Blogs!
eBayandBeyond: Dave conducted two FULL days of live podcasting from the summit. great interviews with some of the top names in the business! I know Dave is still editing the countless hours to get to the meat, so please check back with him often!
Jay Berkowitz - He has Ten Golden Rules everyone in eCommerce should look at.
Buy.com - They sent their "Merchant Evangelist", Randy K. Smythe to Atlanta. Buy.com has expanded into the world of Marketplace, but they are hand picking the merchants. Are you good?? Check them out.
Vendio - If you sell on eBay, Amazon, or want your own store, check out Vendio. The feedback I am hearing is their customer service is spot on and the rates are very competitive. Also if you are an Auctiva user...have they have a deal for you! They sent Crystal, who is a good spokesperson for the company that will tell it to you straight, and Michael Levit who gave a great presentation. Check out the Slide show from the summit .
Richard Brewer-Hay - If it is happening at eBay, RBH knows it. Great, down to earth guy the maintains the eBayInkBlog
Channel Advisor - Scot Wingo the CEO was there and gave a Great presentation on the state of eCommerce. I found the Channel Advisor's list of blogs a good one and The eBay Strategies blog that Scot maintains to be good as well.

This is just SOME of the informational people I met there. I also met many great merchants as well such and Kathy Simpson of Kat's Kloset - The River, The Ranch and The Bay pocast - and one of eBayandbeyond's eBabe co hosts, Melinda Jackson - Galleria Gifts - and the other eBabe co host of eBayandBeyond, Gary Richardson - CEO of GogglesandGlasses, Cathy Hornsby of sushiboofay's, and so many others.

I must also recommend you to check out Fast Pivot.com if you are a Yahoo merchant or thinking of it. Matthew Ledford President and Co Founder was representing his company and is very helpful. Also check out Paul St. James of Bargainland.net They just might be what you a searching for!

And I must HIGHLY recommend Phaedra of attheboutique and of the Selling Circus podcast, which is the BrainStorming Bonanzle podcast, re vamped to include more venues and inforamtion! Awesome person, and a true professional! She has posted many great pictures of the Summit here. Go take a peek!

Now to leave this on a lighter note....not all of the summit was business! Check out this video ...Larry Phillips got a hardy round of applause from this! And for MORE pictures please visit http://www.renagadesrelics.com/ and look for the ECMTA tab at the top of the page.